Utilize Times Tables Worksheets to Memorize and Understand the Multiplication

Multiplication is one of the lessons kids will have to learn when they enter elementary school. Usually, kids will start studying this lesson when they enter Grade 2-3. And will get harder as their grades become higher. Therefore, it is important that kids understand and can memorize the simple multiplications first. One of the ways to do this is by using times tables worksheets.

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The time table is a mathematical table that consists of multiplication operations from easy ones to the advanced ones. The table is usually used for kids in the higher grade to memorize the answers in a faster way. Therefore, when kids face harder problems, they don’t need to count again.

Times tables worksheets are just like time tables; however, this is a practice for kids. Rather than just memorizing, kids will have to fill in the answer in the table. This is one of the steps to help kids memorize the time table.

Colorful & Fun Times Tables to Work & Memorize

Memorizing the time table is quite a hard task for most kids, especially if the paper is plain white. Therefore, rather than downloading a plain time table, why not make your table. Your kids can also help in making the time table, so it will be more fun. Here are some creative times tables worksheets that kids, and parents can do together:

1. Flower Time Table

Times Tables Worksheets
Times Tables Worksheets
Times Tables Worksheets

Let your kids draw a flower and write one big number in the middle. Then make 12 petals around the flower and write the number 1-12. Above those petals, draw another petal for kids to write the answers. So, one flower is for one number and you can continue the same way for other numbers.

2. Multiplication Bingo Squares

Times Tables Worksheets

Teach your kids with fun times tables worksheets in a bingo format or method. So, write all the questions from 1-2 in all the boxes. However, empty the answer because this is your kids’ task. Then, play a game of bingo with the same instructions as a normal bingo game. However, make sure the numbers are the answers to the question you have written.

3. Maze Game Time Table

Times Tables Worksheets

Make another game with time table using the maze concept. In this worksheet, kids will be given options for the answers and must choose before continuing. However, kids will have to answer correctly to finish the maze. If not, they can’t finish the maze and keep ongoing.

4. Colorful Time Table

This is like normal time tables, however, to make it more interesting kids can color up the table. So, one table will be used for one number, and kids can write the answer on the right side. To make it useful and interesting, kids can color the table and cut it to stick them in the room.

5. Pictures of Multiplication

Times Tables Worksheets

This kind of worksheet is best to use for kids in the first and second grades. Introduce them to multiplications using pictures instead of numbers only. This way they can understand the concept of multiplication and count on their own later.

Importance of Learning Multiplication with Time Table

Despite improving kids’ skills in long multiplication and division, learning the time table is also important for many reasons. By practicing and memorizing times tables worksheets, kids can improve their problem-solving abilities. For example, if they are faced with a long math problem that consists of multiplications, they can finish it quickly. It will also help them when they face a more complex problem.

Multiplication is also one of the lessons related to division. So, once kids understand and can memorize the table, they can easily work on divisions too. Therefore, it is important that kids can work on both multiplication and division.

One of your kids can memorize all the numbers on the time table, your kids can work on multiplication exercises easier. This will make them keen on learning math and boost their confidence level. However, it is important to know that memorizing the time table is not the way of teaching. It is only recommended once your kids have learned multiplications the right way.

Who Can Use Times Tables Worksheets?

As there are many types of times tables worksheets, anyone can use the table for practice. However, make sure to adjust the level of difficulty and quantity based on the kid’s age. As kids in the first grade are better to use colorful and picture sheets. Because they are interesting and simple to understand. On the other hand, kids who are in higher grades can use games time table to help them practice their math. Time table like bingo and snake ladder can be an option to play with parents or friends. This way your kids will be playing a game but also practicing math. Therefore, all kids in all grades can use times tables worksheets to improve their math.

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