Utilize Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets for Easier Learning

When the kids start growing up, one of the basic things they should learn is math especially addition and subtraction. Two of them are basic for every calculation that happens in this world like multiplication and division. In school, have they ever bring back home some subtraction with regrouping worksheets as homework?

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For us as elder people, subtraction is one of the easiest things we can do without learning more about it. The technology also comes to make it easier and faster to count than before using a calculator. But we understand how much technology grows, we still need some basic knowledge in our life. Teaching the kids in subtraction with regrouping worksheets is one of the best methods you can do.

Why Kids Difficult to Learn About Subtraction?

When we try to give an understanding to kids about how to do solve some subtraction problems, we will understand how hard they are to learn. It is not fully their fault because they mind still doesn’t grow up as good as we have. So it is normal when they get confused or too late to understand what you try to tell. Try to take a look at the way you teach them and then improve it.

The first thing that you should make sure they understand is about numbers and how they short it out. You may start giving them some games or songs to count from 0 to 30 to make them understand how to count properly. It is important to teach them the quantity of something like money or apples.

Trying to teach the kids subtraction is the same as you tell them to count from a higher number. For example, try to tell them to count from 10 to 0, they will not get it for the first time right. It is because subtraction has a reverse concept with something that they usually do, counting from a smaller number. Over more, the subtract can also give a negative concept, that seems weird for the child.

Tips and Trick Teaching Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheets

After you understand the reason why it is so hard for them to understand, you start thinking about how to solve it right? Then you can start it by teaching them the principle of value from usual things like money. Here are the full tips on how to teach them subtraction with regrouping worksheets! We will give you an example of using a money and buying case.

1. Begin with Visual Models

As a kid, it is easier to understand learning from what they can see so you can use something near them to teach. A visual representation can be the best technique to make them understand the basic concept of learning subtraction. You can start it with money, animals, candies, foods, or their fingers. If you choose money, make sure they understand how much money they had on their hands.

Subtraction Regrouping Worksheets

2. Try to Explain One Case

If you choose the money, then you should tell them one case that can make their money reduced. You can start telling them to buy something or even make a scenario where the money lost. For example, you can ask them to buy something and how much the return they had. The point is to try to make them find the solutions.

Subtraction Regrouping Worksheets

3. Making the Same Case with More Money and Write The Amount

If your kids already understand the concept of a reduced amount of money, you can start to give them the higher money. In this case, we take the example where the pennies show the units and dime as the dozens. You should make sure they write down the first money and also the price of things they have bought. Tell them to write down how much money they had after buying something.

Subtraction Regrouping Worksheets

4. Using the Vertical, Exchange the Dime to Pennies

In this case, you will tell them the principle of exchanging some dime to pennies. You should give them some amount of money, for example, $0.63 with something they buy $0.45. Try to write this case into a vertical method so it will be easier to understand. Start with the pennies first, where the number of pennies is not enough to buy fix it. So they will need to exchange first (reduce the dime).

5. Tell Them to “Regroup” the Money

After they dime is reduced, you can change the number in the worksheets to the condition. Now you can start telling them to count how much the dime they had after giving it to the waitress. When it is done, you can start “regrouping” every piece of money they had on the hands and count it. The money they had, is the result of how much the return your kids will get.

So these are the pro tips on how to teach your children subtraction with regrouping worksheets in an easy way. You can try these tips and combine it with something else that your kids will love to learn. The parents are the best person that understand their kid’s habits, just improve these tips with something they will love.

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