Using Tracing Shapes Worksheets as A Fine Motor Skill Exercise For Kids

The kids as the most active individuals in the world have many things that must be mastered and trained, one of them is a motoric skill. The motoric skill can master well if the kids can do exercise fine motor skills and gross skills. An exercise for fine motor skills of the kids can use the tracing shape worksheets.

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The kids can do these worksheets by themselves. Parents and teachers no need to worry to leave them with the worksheet because it uses to introduce Mathematics lesson material called shapes. However, by doing this tracing shapes worksheets the kids are not only focus to learn about Mathematics but there is a wider aspect to concern called fine motor skill.

Fine Motor Skill Essential

A fine motor skill is a skill relates to how to use the fine muscles or small muscles to do the activity. The fine muscles located in the wrist, arm, hand, and fingers. This skill needs good coordination of hands, fingers, and eyes.

If the kids can perform good fine motor skills, so the kids can focus and have concentration when they do the activity. The activities that require good fine motor skill in the movement are writing, sewing, knitting, cutting, pasting, and every activity that need fingers, hands, and eyes coordination. So, when they do the task or work seriously, please pay attention to the other aspect besides cognitive skill.

The fine motor skill has a connection to the personality and the behavior of the kids. When they can have a good synchronization of the fine muscles, most of the kids shows that they can focus, can manage their emotion, and have a confident about themselves.

It is because it shows how they behave during do the activities, some psychologists held research about the correlation about the handwritten can show the personality of the writer. So, the handwritten as the result of the usage of fine motor skills can show the prediction of the writer’s personality and characters.

However, for the kids, the teachers can use tracing shapes as the tool to know more about their kids. It is because the written line will reflect on the kids’ behavior in society. The teacher can use a lot of shapes to test it.

Tracing Shapes Using Basic Shapes

A tracing shapes worksheets are the worksheets contains many shapes that printed in trace line. The shapes available are the basic shapes as the introduction. Examples of basic shapes are circle, square, rectangle, and triangle.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets
Tracing Shapes Worksheets

Those shapes are the shapes used to increase the awareness of Mathematics, especially in the geometrics unit. At the beginning of the article, it is not only about Mathematics skills. The fine motor skill is the focus when talking about tracing activity with tracing shapes worksheets.

For the worksheets contain basic shapes will show the kids confidence and focus when they draw the line by following the trace line. The boldness of the line shows the energy of the muscles that use to draw the line. Also, the boldness of the line reflects the confidence of the kids during drawing activity.

Besides the boldness, there is the result of how they draw a straight or curved line that will show the coordination level of eyes and fine muscles. It is good coordination if the shape draws perfectly. Also, it can reflect on their focus when draws the lines, do they take a break or not? If they do it, it reflects that they need a high level of concentration to finish it.

Tracing Shapes Using Complex Shapes

The tracing activity using complex shapes is more challenging because the shapes are more complicated. Examples of complex shapes are heart, star, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cross, crescent, arc, oval, parallelogram, and diamond. Those shapes are more difficult to draw using the trace line because sometimes the hand must adjust the trace line to make the perfect shapes.

Tracing Shapes Worksheets
Tracing Shapes Worksheets
Tracing Shapes Worksheets

The activity using tracing shapes worksheets need high-level coordination of eyes and fine muscle in the hands because to trace it hand and eyes must synchronize well. Also, this activity reflects the focus of the kids who do the worksheets.

It also another way to get the attention of the kids to join drawing or painting class. Or, sometimes these tracing worksheets use to select the kids who have a higher ability in drawing. So, the school can register them to join the drawing competition.

Additional Activity Using Tracing Shapes Worksheets

The pairing activities that can use tracing shape worksheets are cut and paste activity and coloring activity. This activity hand on hand to make the kids have good fine motor skill. So, after they draw then they color the worksheets. It also encourages the art sense of the kids, when they do these activities at the same time. So, the tracing shapes worksheets not only teach Mathematics to the kids. But, it has more than we can imagine. The worksheets can be the exercise to build good coordination of fine motor skills and also a good personality. Then, it helps the teacher to know the behavior and personality of the kids. Thus, when in the school the teacher can treat the kids well.

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