Tracing Sheets for Toddlers to Learn while Playing

Toddlers, or kids around 2-3 years, should start learning shapes and numbers at this age. Research said kids of these ages should at least know around 2-3 shapes. As for numbers, you can start teaching them, however, don’t go too much as it can make them stressed. To help kids learn both shapes and numbers, parents can use tracing sheets for toddlers that are fun but very useful.

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There are many kinds of tracing sheets for toddlers that are available online. These worksheets can help teach kids about shapes, objects, colors, and many more. So, if you’re planning to teach your kids something new, try some of these sheets:

1. Counting 1,2,3

Kids at this age usually know how to count to 10 but they don’t know which is 1, 2, and so on. Now, to teach them which number is which, parents can use number tracing sheets. Rather than just showing them, parents can also teach them how to make the numbers while saying it out loud. Therefore, kids can practice counting and teach kids how to write a number.

2. Identifying Shapes

Identifying shapes may be a bit harder compared to other subjects. However, parents can start slowly with basic level shape tracing. In this sheet, parents can help kids trace the shape while explaining to them the name of the shape. Then, let them draw and trace alone until they get the shape right.

Tracing Sheets for Toddlers

3. Drawing the Pattern

Those who just want to teach their kids how to hold a pen correctly can try spiral tracing worksheets. In this kind of worksheet kids, there will be drawings of patterns and spirals. Kids must draw a line based on the pattern from the start to the finish line. Even though this is simple, this kind of practice can help increase your kid’s motor skills and make them more focused.

Tracing Sheets for Toddlers

4. Advance Skills by Writing A, B, C

For kids who are already advanced in holding a pen and tracing lines, then it is time to upgrade their level to writing A, B, C. They might have a hard time writing each letter, so help them by giving them tracing letters. If your kids already know all the alphabets, then parents can give mixed letters practice. However, if your kids are just learning, it is best to give them one letter at a time.

Tracing Sheets for Toddlers

5. Learning New Vocab

Tracing sheets for toddlers can also teach kids new vocab. So rather than just tracing letters and shapes, there are worksheets that contain pictures that they must trace. You can use numbers on the tracing dots so it will be easier for kids to trace. Once they have finished the picture, make them guess the name of the object. If they don’t know, then teach them the word so they get a new vocab.

After tracing these sheets, kids can then color them up and cut them out. They can then stick in their books or walls, so they don’t forget what they have learned before. So, with tracing sheets for toddlers, kids can learn many things other than just tracing and writing.

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