Tracing Numbers for Kindergarten is the Best Practice in Introducing Numbers

There are many ways in teaching your kids to know their numbers. From merely counting until tracing numbers for kindergarten. Some people might prefer only to introduce the number in its name only, but it is also important for the kids to know what shape those numbers are.

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Because in the first year of elementary, every student expected to know about numbers to follow up with their math lesson. Even though small cases of dyscalculia might be the reason behind it – only around 5 to 7 percent. But even with this difficulty, teaching the kids the basics by tracing numbers can be a big help. Here are the reasons:

1. Match Three with 3

Alright, this is not the same, but you get the gist. Many kindergarten ages can be confused when they must match numbers’ names with how to write them. For example, the three and 3 that we put as the heading here.

Because it’s an easy matter just to count from 1 to 10, or even until 20 for the kids. But when they had to write the numbers, they couldn’t grasp the concept yet. That’s why tracing numbers for kindergarten can be a huge help. With tracing, they can know the shape of the word three is 3.

2. Confusing Numbers

Some numbers might be confusing for kindergartens, such as 2 with 5, 6 with 9, 12 with 20, and many more. Therefore, making them trace the numbers can help them memorize the shape alongside how to read it. Then, it’s just a matter of time for them to recognize that 2 is different from 5, and so on.

3. Develop Their Fine Motor Skills

It’s a fact that many kindergartens have difficulty with their writing skills, including writing numbers. Therefore, tracing numbers can be a small help in sharpening their skill in holding a pencil and trace the dots. Not to mention, by letting them do so, you will let them control how much strength is needed to create a trace. Also, it will make them learn to coordinate their fingers, hands, and wrist.

4. Sharpen Writing Ability

Furthermore, if you see it in the big picture, letting them trace numbers can also be a practice for them in writing. Because the kids will be familiar with the activity, and it will be easier for them to coordinate their movement. Hence, if you ask them to write without tracing the dots, they can do it faster and easier.

5. Know Past -teens

Some kids might count to 20 or even 100 without difficulty, but what about reading or even writing? Most of them will see it as a big hurdle in their life. For that reason, tracing the numbers can make them familiar with the concept of -teen or even -ty. Thus, when they see 13 and 30, they will know, which one is thirteen and which one is thirty.

There are many benefits that you can give your kids with tracing numbers for kindergarten. Not to mention, you don’t have to draw it yourself and just print it right away here. Thus, without sweat, you can still get the best practice for your kids.

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