Tracing for Kindergarten Worksheets to Teach Kids How to Write

When kids enter kindergarten, many parents expect them to be able to do many things from reading to writing. Whereas it is normal if kids can’t do everything as they are just starting to learn. 70% of kids can start writing and drawing well when they enter elementary school. To help kids get used to it, give some tracing for kindergarten worksheets.

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There are many kinds of tracing for kindergarten that can help kids develop their skills. You can start from something simple such as tracing lines, ovals, shapes, numbers to letters. By doing these sheets, kids will not only learn how to write well but also learn new knowledge like how to count or read. Here are some examples of tracing sheets that you can give to your kindergarten kids:

1. Tracing Lines

If your kids are just starting to hold pens well, then start with something simple like line tracing. Even though this worksheet seems simple, it can teach your kids how to focus. To help them out, you can give them simple worksheets that contain dots only. Therefore, they can use their imaginations to connect them. Or if you want to make it a bit harder, give them the dots with numbers.

Tracing for Kindergarten

2. Path Tracing

Another great exercise that you can give for your kids is path tracing for kindergarten kids. In this worksheet, kids will have to follow the lines and trace the path to find the end. To make this worksheet more fun, trace the path using color crayons so it becomes colorful.

Tracing for Kindergarten

3. Shape Tracing

When your kids are getting advanced in holding their pens or pencil, upgrade their skills with shape tracing. There are many shapes that your kids will have to learn, so it is best to give them one kind at a time. This will make them more expert in tracing and help them identify each shape easier. If they, do it correctly, give your kids an award by letting them color the shapes.

Tracing for Kindergarten

4. Number Tracing

In kindergarten, kids will start learning numbers and letters. Normally, kids at this age can identify them but not write them well. To help kids out, parents can give number tracing worksheets to help them with their writing. Give simple numbers from 1-10 first until they become advanced.

5. Letter Tracing

Last, one of the most important tracings for kindergarten is letter worksheets. Just like shapes, there are variants of letters kids must learn. This is also the basic skill that kids must master if they want to write well. Therefore, other than teaching your kids how to read letters, make them practice trace the ABC’s too. Give them both uppercase and lowercase exercises, so they know the difference of each type.

Tracing for kindergarten can be a bit difficult in the beginning especially if they have just started. Therefore, it is best to give them the easy and simple ones first before number and letter tracing. Once they get advanced, you can upgrade their skills to a harder worksheet.

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