The Use of Preschool Shapes Worksheets for Teaching the Young Ones

Preschool age is the time when the kids are getting curious about things. So, it is a good moment to introduce them shapes because it is close to their daily life seeing things around. To make the learning process becomes more fun and easier, we recommend you use the preschool shapes worksheets.

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Indeed, there are lots of resources you can use for a teaching session. But we have an explanation of why preschool shapes worksheets should be one of the tools you should choose. You can figure out the answer below. Also, find about how the worksheet can stimulate the kids’ creativity too. All things about this worksheet are completely discussed here.

How Preschool Shapes Worksheets Help You to Teach

A worksheet is used to involve students actively during the learning session. It supports you to implement one subject, including knowing the shapes. Introducing shapes to preschool students needs a creative and fun way. Here, you can use worksheets to fulfill that purpose. By showing some pictures and join some activities helps them to memorize square, circle, triangle, rectangle, diamond, star, and others.

Another role of the worksheet is as a bridging tool to connect the gap between watching and doing. This use helps the teacher or adults to train their eyes and hands coordination. Several preschool shapes worksheets deliver contents that require the kids to detect the shapes, then draw and color at the same time. The more often the kids use to do it, the more trained their motor coordination.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets Gain Kids’ Creativity

There are still parents and teachers who think that academically skill is an indicator of success. Honestly, it is wrong because the true important skill is creativity. How able the kids see things from various perspectives, their idea to solve the problem, and many more.

The preschool shapes worksheets have a variety of activities that stimulate kids’ creativity. It is more than coloring or drawing paper. Within’ this, they are trained to see things from many perspectives, and critical thinking is raised. As they increase to a higher difficulty, their concentration level is more master too.

Things to Do with Shapes Worksheet

A worksheet supports the kids to do some activities in a fun way. Each worksheet provides a new lesson, topic, and task. These variations could be your plan for the next session. See the activities we are meaning here, so you can start to make a teaching program with preschool shapes worksheets:

1. Matching

In this worksheet, the kids have to match each shape on the left side with the right side. They need to draw the line to connect the same shape. This activity helps them to recognize the same shapes. By the time, they can relate this knowledge with the things around them.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

For the first step, you can give the example. Show them what does it mean about matching picture. For the next level, you can combine the shapes with colors. So they are not only matching the shapes but also lining the exact shapes and colors.

2. Grouping

This worksheet exercises the kids’ observational skills. You will see many shapes put randomly. All the kids have to do is grouping the same shape to be one circle or same color.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

Start this practice with only two kinds of shapes. Then, increase the difficulty by adding more shapes to three or four shapes until the kids know all shapes. Just like matching the picture, the task can be more difficult when you ask them grouping based on shapes and colors at the same time.

3. Drawing

The kids can use this preschool worksheet to draw shapes by their own self. As a variation, you can ask them to color after the finish. This worksheet can be used for independent work because they just need to follow the sample.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

By doing this activity, they learn how to see and use their hands at the same time. Sometimes the result is not exactly matched with the existing shapes. But that is okay when you see the rectangle seems like an oval or even a circle.

4. Counting Lines and Corners

When you choose this task, you are teaching two subjects at the same time which are math and art. Introducing numbers doesn’t have to use a special math worksheet. Surprisingly, this is a fun way to learn counting skills for preschool age.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

Draw a shape, then ask the kids how many lines and corners there. Point out each line and corner they count. It is for marking that they are already aware of that point. Use colorful marks to introduce kinds of colors too.

5. Knowing Geometric

Teaching geometric is not easy for preschool age. But, however, it is important for them to know the shapes as early as they are. Because that is useful to learn knowing more objects in their bedroom, garage, and around the house.

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

They don’t have to know a complex form at this stage. You can show them the basic and common shape, like a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. Once they can relate these shapes to things around them, then you can move with more shapes. As a teacher, an adult, or parents, you have to think ways of teaching the kids. At the preschool stage, they won’t study and haven’t understood that concept yet. Thus, you have to make studying like playing. By using the preschool shapes worksheets, you are able to create study time full of laugh.

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