The Preschool Letter Tracing Worksheets as Learning Writing Media for Kids

Preschool is an early stage that crucial in life. The age of three or four is the best phase to introduce basic skills such as writing, reading, listening, speaking, and counting to earn bigger knowledge. Writing is one of the basic skills that can be trained with the preschool letter tracing worksheets.

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Writing, reading, listening, and speaking are the fundamental language skill that must be mastered. Starting with an introduction to alphabets, so they are ready to read the book to get new knowledge. Then, they will able to think critically after they gain knowledge.

However, preschool kids need to be trained well so they can master early literacy skills. Introducing the kids to alphabets needs creativity so they can enjoy the learning. In this part, there is a fun way to learn to handwrite the alphabets using preschool letter tracing worksheets.

Learning Writing for Kids

Early writing so-called pre-writing skills is a starting point for preschoolers to learn how to write the alphabets to increase the letter awareness. As one of the foundation skills that need time and hard work to develop early writing skills. For preschoolers, they are learning to imitate what the adults’ doing.

They will imitate how we write, read, and everything the adults’ do the preschooler will imitate and give improvisation about the activity. For example, they will imitate how the adults’ use the pen. This stage can be the early stage of handwriting development.

Handwriting for the preschooler will affect the kids’ confidence and fine motor skill. Based on the research held by the experts, the early writing development so important to build their confidence because the kids think that it’s time to prove that “I know and I can write the letters”. Also, it trains the kids to develop their fine-motor-skills by hand gripping the pencil or crayon.

Letter Tracing Method to Teach Writing for Kids

The letter tracing as the method to teach writing for preschoolers is one of the effective ways. It is because they have already known the letters, so they must prove that they are aware of the letters’ shape. Using a letter tracing method is training for the kids to write the letters with handwriting style.

Letter Tracing Worksheets
Letter Tracing Worksheets
Letter Tracing Worksheets

It is one of the tools to check handwriting readiness before the preschooler goes to kindergarten. Using the letter tracing method it will help the parents at home to introduce how to use their hand muscles to write with handwriting. Also, it develops the kinds of fine motor skill start with how to grip, how to use their fingers, how to make a straight line, or how to make maneuver with their pencil.

This method also builds the kids’ confidence and tough mentality. It because the kids will be asked to do the same letter tracing activity until they can write a perfect letter with their hand without the guidelines. So, it can say that the early handwriting skill is the most complicated task of using fine motor skill because it needs a good hand and eye coordination to produce the perfect shape of the letters.

Letter Tracing Worksheets for Preschool

The preschool letter tracing worksheets is used as the medium to encourage the kids to learn to hand write. It comes up with the nature of the kids who like to imitate well. So, the letter tracing worksheets use that paradigm to develop preschool handwriting skills.

Letter Tracing Worksheets

Preschoolers not feel underestimated when they do the worksheets because the printable worksheets do not only teach them how to use their hands to write well. But also, it teaches them about the discipline to follow the line and create the perfect shape of the letters. If they can show the perfect result, the kids will proud of their achievement.

Letter Tracing Worksheets

During the letter tracing activity, parents must encourage them to make the perfect shape of the letters. Also, the parent must build the confidence of the kids by praising and motivating their kids. As a result, the kids will be able to complete the training of the foundations’ skills.

Ways on How to Make Fun Activity with Letter Tracing Worksheets

There are several ways to make the kids more encourage to learn writing with letter tracing worksheets. However, before you start it, make sure that you must follow the kids’ milestones in learning writing. For the preschooler, the lowest skill of writing is writing the alphabet to raise their awareness of the letters.

Then, give them simple words with two syllables. Next step, give them a little bit complicated words with three until four syllables. Then, the most difficult is to give them a whole sentence to write.

For example, after the letter tracing exercise is done, you can make a spelling bee challenge to check the letter awareness. Then, you can elaborate it more, by asking them to create a sentence using those words. After that, for the highest level of the challenge, ask them to describe or create the story using the word that they have written. It triggers their critical thinking. So, by using preschool letter tracing worksheets, the kids will get more knowledge and get better skills in writing. Then, parents can monitor the development of the kids’ writing skills. So, when the kids are ready to enter early primary school they will not be surprised by the activity at school because they are used to do it.

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