Teaching Children Coloring with Animal Coloring Pages, Easy to Do!

According to studies, 80% of the brain receives information visually so the element of color is very important. In addition to teaching children to recognize colors, teach them to color simple things first, such as coloring animals. You can use animal coloring pages to make it easier for you to teach coloring activities to your children.

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However, there are 5 steps you must take in teaching coloring activities to your child. Starting from teaching children about colors, how to hold crayons, to mixing colors. Here are the 5 steps to use animal coloring pages to teach coloring activities to children:

1. Introducing Basic Colors

Children will more easily memorize the basic colors. For the first lesson, you should teach the basic colors first. The basic colors are white, red, black, yellow, and green.

Animal Coloring Pages

Children will find it easier to understand soft colors and easy for them to find. By teaching them to understand basic colors, they will be easier to remember. If your child already knows the basic colors, you can introduce them to more colors.

2. Teach How to Hold Crayons Correctly

Coloring has its technique in holding colored pencils or crayons. Teaching children to color must be careful and more patient. You must teach how to hold colored pencils so that the coloring results look nice and neat.

Animal Coloring Pages

However, do not scold children if they are not neat in coloring because this is normal. Teach slowly because gradually the results are also getting better. So, in teaching coloring, you should be more patient. Do not be too hasty because it will have a bad impact on your child.

3. Coloring Pictures of Your Child’s Favorite Animals

When first teaching children to color, you should not choose a complicated picture. Complicated pictures often make it difficult for children to color. Especially, if they are still in the early stages of learning to color.

Animal Coloring Pages

It is better to teach children to color simple pictures and they know. For example, you can use animal coloring pages to get their attention. If there is a favorite animal that they like, it will make them more enthusiastic about coloring.

4. Start Learning to Mix Colors

Every child will like new things such as getting to know new colors, one of which is mixed colors. If you have started coloring neatly, try to introduce your child to mixed colors produced from crayons or colored pencils.

Animal Coloring Pages

For example, if your child wants to color the elephant gray. You can tell them to mix black and white to make gray. They will be very happy because they can produce new colors. So, your child will also explore more colors and enjoy coloring activities.

5. Don’t Teach Children Too Hard

Children are still very unstable so they will not like it if you push them too much. So, you should not be too pushy when they start to get bored of coloring. Give it a pause, let the mood to color come back. Don’t force a child who doesn’t want to color because it will affect the result. It’s best to take a break and start again.

Animal Coloring Pages

Now you know the 5 steps to teach children coloring using animal coloring pages. You can do these steps slowly so that your child enjoys coloring activities. Then, choose a picture of an animal that your child likes so that they are more enthusiastic about coloring.

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