Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten as a Fun Was in Learning Math

Mathematics is a subject related to numeric skill. It is included one of the subjects that so challenging for the kids. One of them is subtraction operation using subtraction worksheets for kindergarten.

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The kindergarten kids are like to play rather than learn. So, the teacher should package the learning activities with fun activities. Thus, the kids will not realize that they are actually learning not to playing.

Learning mathematics for kids sometimes stressful because the difficulty levels are increasing. When they were in the preschool, it is only number tracing and counting. But now, when they enter kindergarten, the kids are starting to learn mathematics operations such as adding and subtraction.

Fun Math Learning

Fun mathematics learning is a term that established refers to the learning mathematics lesson with fun activities. The kindergarten kids are like doing fun activities. Examples of fun activities are coloring, playing, singing, crafting, drawing, etc.

The kids require fun activities during the learning process. It is because the kids can absorb the lesson materials well when they are in a good mood. So, the teachers must be creative to hold a class that makes the student interested and excited to numbers.

To create fun and active learning in mathematics class, teachers must know the characteristics of the students. Because it will be so useful in order to conduct fun learning. For example, if the characteristics of the students’ superiority in the kinesthetics area, the teachers can use skip the number method with some variation of movements like clapping the hands or stomp the feet.

By doing fun activities that contain a lesson inside it, the kids will unconsciously understand the key concept of the lesson. Then, it makes the teachers no need to worry about the students’ understanding of the materials. Because by doing the activities the teachers can check the understanding of the students about the materials. Also, it gives enrichment and comprehension about the math concept that taught.

Introducing Math Operation Using Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten

Subtraction worksheets for kindergarten is a tool to introduce mathematics operations material. The task in the form of worksheets the material is not only the subtraction operation. But also, the other operations such as adding, division, and multiplication.

The reason for introducing subtraction operation using the worksheets are three reasons. First, by using the subtraction worksheet for kindergarten, the teachers have much time to prepare the class activities. So, the teachers are ready for the sequence of activities that will be done in the class.

Second, the students who are still kids will learn to have long-term attention span when they do the worksheets. The activity of doing subtraction worksheets for kindergarten students requires focus and concentration, they need to focus to finish the task not doing the other task. The student is exercising to give more attention to the task.

The last reason is it is the media to make them understand and to check the understanding of the key concept about subtraction. Also, for the teachers, it helps to make a better understanding of the learning materials given. Then the worksheets can be said as the enrichment task to do for the kindergarten students.

So, to make the students are having focus and concentration in managing time. Also, helping the teachers about quick and effective preparation before the lesson begins.

Fun Math Activities Using Subtraction Worksheets

What can we do with subtraction worksheets for kindergarten? So, there are some activities that can use to teach about subtraction operation with fun math learning methods. Thus, the activities using the worksheets as the media to transfer the learning materials to the students.

The worksheet as the media shows that you can be modifying the activities in mathematic lessons. So, the teachers can modify the class activities from classical learning activity to active learning activity that uses all the foundation skills. Teachers can create a sequence of activities starting with introducing subtraction in front of the class using the blackboard.

Then, for the next step ask the students to do the worksheets about subtraction operation. After that, teachers ask the students to color and decorate the worksheet at a certain time. Next, ask the students to practice the subtraction operation in front of the class using role-play in a group.

Besides, the group activity, for the individual activity, the students can cut and paste the color papers to decorate the worksheets. So, after they finish their worksheets, teachers ask them to draw the objects. Then, teachers ask them to cut the papers following the lines, after that the piece of cutting papers paste to the worksheets.

Finally, the subtraction worksheets for kindergarten are an effective tool to raise awareness about mathematics operation. It also helps the students to increase their focus and concentration. For the teachers, it reduces the time of preparation, so the teachers find it easier to download the worksheets rather than make it by themselves.

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