Square Tracing Worksheets to Teach Kids Shapes in a Fun Way

Tracing shape worksheets is a great way to teach basic math to your children. Even though it seems too early, teaching shape to your kids can help them develop their problem-solving skills. Normally, 20% of kids can start identifying shapes when they are 2 years old but can start making them when they are 3. To help your kids through the process, give them some exercise like a square tracing worksheets.

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Tracing shape worksheets will not only help your kids to identify shapes. It can also help kids learn the basics of writing. Once kids get the hang of it, they will learn writing easier. Now to get them starting, try to give them some of these square tracing worksheets that are not only useful but also fun to work on:

1. Tracing Big Size Squares

To introduce squares to your kids, give them a worksheet that contains shapes in big sizes. The bigger the size is the easier it will be for your kids to trace them. It would also be easier for them to notify the shapes if they are in bigger sizes. After tracing the shapes, you can teach your kids to cut them and stick them on their books. This will make the activity more fun and exciting.

Square Tracing Worksheets

2. Tracing Different Sizes

Once your children are used to square tracing worksheets, upgrade their skills by using different sizes. So, rather than just using big squares, offer them with small ones too. This will test their ability in tracing and make them more focused. It may be a bit hard in the beginning, but this is a great practice for kids.

Square Tracing Worksheets

3. Tracing Blank Shape

After practicing a few times, your kids should get the hang of making square shapes. If you see them fluent in making square shapes, then give them a blank shape worksheet. In this kind of worksheet, there will be squares that are not fully connected by dots. The dots or lines available are minimal, so kids will have to fill in the blanks and make a square shape.

Square Tracing Worksheets

4. Tracing Square Objects

Rather than just giving them plain square shapes, why not give them a worksheet that contains objects too. For example, if you are giving them square tracing worksheets, put in some pictures of objects with another shape. Therefore, they can learn both shapes and objects around them.

Square Tracing Worksheets

5. Tracing by Coloring

For kids that are starting to get bored, try to give them tracing coloring sheets. In this kind of worksheet, kids can learn tracing and coloring at the same time. With this worksheet, kids must trace their shapes based on the color requested. This kind of practice can also be hard in the beginning, but it will be fun later.

Square Tracing Worksheets

When your kids finally understand what this shape is like, you can stop giving a square tracing worksheets and continue with a different one. Keep on doing this kind of practice to your kids until they trace well and can identify all basic shapes. It will be hard to make them focus, so make sure to make the activity fun.


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