Skip Counting Worksheets, The Method to Increase Mathematical Skill

Counting is a basic skill that you need to teach children. They can start learning from kindergarten through elementary school. And to help you teach them, you can use skip counting worksheets.

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Skip counting is a method to learn count by a number other than one. You can teach the skip counting after children understand the basic counting. By learning skip counting, children will have a good sense of number. Also, it will be easier to teach multiplication if children learn the skip counting first.

There are various ways to teach children the skip counting, and one of them is through the worksheets.

The Meaning of Skip Counting Worksheets?

To aid children in doing skip counting, you can use the worksheets. But, what exactly are skip counting worksheets anyway? They are papers that contain various numbers. Sometimes, there are missing numbers in some lines so children have to fill in those blanks.

These worksheets can be used as media for teaching children to learn to skip counting. By using these worksheets you can stimulate children to count better than just tell them through the board.

By using these worksheets children can practice various skip counting numbers. After all, there are several worksheets that available, such as skip count by 2s, 3s, 5s to 12s, or larger numbers.

Who uses them?

Since skip counting is the basic mathematic skill, then these worksheets fit perfectly for children in the kindergarten and elementary school. At those ages, all of the basic skills, including mathematic must be introduced. Because those basic skills will be a foundation of the advanced skill that children will learn later.

So, if children can understand the basic skill of mathematics early they will not have a hard time learning the next mathematical’s skill such as multiplication, subtraction, and etc.

Various Kinds of Worksheets

As you know skip counting worksheets mainly used for children in kindergarten and elementary school. However, children in kindergarten have different abilities to understand compared to elementary kids. That’s why the worksheets are also different.

1. Easy Skip Counting Worksheets

Like the name suggested, these worksheets have rather easy problems as these worksheets are made for children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grade ones.

You can choose the skip number to be between 2 to 12. And for the starting number, you can choose five different numbers from 0 to 99 for each skip counting.

As for the model of the worksheets, since these worksheets are for children in preschool to first grade, try to make it as interesting as possible. Make the worksheets with pictures may be a good choice for it can make children exciting.

2. Advanced Skip Counting Worksheets

For children in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, the worksheets are different for they already learn the basic number. To stimulate their ability in counting, you can make the problems in ten numbers. As for the starter numbers and skip numbers, choose between -999 to 999.

However, unlike in the easy worksheets, the skip numbers must have a higher range number than 12. For example, you can select 15, 20, or 30 as the skip numbers. Though it looks difficult for children in those periods, the difficult skip numbers can stimulate the brain more thus increasing the skill in counting.

For the design, you don’t need to make them look cute but still, you have to make them interesting. Try to make the worksheets look like a quiz by leaving some numbers in blanks can be quite challenging. Or you can make the worksheets like a maze to make them more interesting.

How to Get These Worksheets

To make children more eager in learning skip counting, using the worksheets as the media is the best choice. You can get these worksheets through the internet. There are various worksheets you can choose from.

Not only that, the worksheets on the internet often printable so you don’t need to re-write them. If you don’t have much time then get worksheets from the internet can be helpful.

But if you don’t like to the worksheets from the internet, you can also create your own worksheets. It will make your worksheets have originality. Create these worksheets aren’t hard since you can find the tools everywhere. But, creating the worksheets yourself will consume more time so you need to prepare them ahead of time.

If you want to create your own worksheets, you need to prepare a rule, paper, and pencil. What you need to do before making the worksheets is to decide the model. The worksheets with a simple design are easy to make and don’t consume time too much. After all, you just need to write the starter numbers and the next numbers. Counting is a skill that children must master. By mastering this skill, children will be able to learn the next skill at more ease. And to increase that skill, the effective method is by using skip counting worksheets.

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