Simple Addition Worksheets for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

It is challenging to teach preschool and kindergarten students. Because keeping their focus on one thing is not easy. As in the age with full of curiosity, we understand that they love to move here and there like a ball. So, a messy class is a very possible situation to face. In order to save their attention, you are better having simple addition worksheets sometimes.

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This worksheet is very useful not only for teachers, but also for parents, homeschoolers, and anyone for a learning session. The simple addition worksheets are used to teach math. If this one seems like a new thing for you, then just try. Many teachers and parents get advantages from this learning tool.

What is the Simple Addition Worksheet?

A simple addition worksheet is one kind of math worksheets. The paper contains questions, tasks, or challenges about addition for students to accomplish. There are various levels of the worksheet, it depends on the grade. The higher the grade, of course, it would be more difficult.

The preschool and kindergarten age is the right moment to introduce numbers and counting. Thus, in order to make them understand the basics of math, you should have simple addition worksheets. Here you will set the session systematically because the worksheet is available from the easiest to the hardest.

On the other hand, if you see the worksheet, then you will find it is not only about counting and knowing numbers. More than that, the students will also know about objects, learning logic, solving problem, and many things. Find out the benefits of using simple addition worksheets in the next discussion below.

Why Kids Should Use the Worksheets?

The simple addition worksheets are not only useful for the adults. The students might not realize that they get the same thing too. This thing supports them in various activities which effectively sharpen their skills. See below to know why you have to take advantage of this worksheet:

1. To Get Engage in Activities

As we mentioned that it is not easy to keep children focus. They are easily distracted by things or other activities. So, to get them to engage in math subjects, especially addition topics, the worksheet is really helpful. The children will fully involve in fulfilling tasks on the paper. They are deciding, making strategy, solving tasks, and many more.

2. Direct Students to Practice Outside Class

Sometimes the students forget about the subject once they are out of class. So, to keep remember the school material, you can give them this worksheet. It doesn’t have to be one paper every day. You can ask them to do it twice a week or randomly. Communicate this activity to their parents to get a good collaboration.

3. Raise Focus on Subject

Concentration is an issue for children, moreover for preschool and kindergarten students. Doing one task through an interesting activity could invite their attention. By doing the worksheet, you stimulate them to use their focus. Once they are fully involved, their focus will rise time by time.

4. To Connect New Material

Have you ever found that sometimes there is a missing link between one topic to another? This could be solved by using the worksheet for bridging. We know that this age is sometimes hard to remember many things. Thus, to keep the previous materials in their mind, you can use the worksheet to combine the new topic and the last one.

Practices with Simple Addition Worksheets

The variation of the worksheets allows the student to do many activities. All of the activities aim to strengthen their skills. Not only is counting, but also in the details and many more. Here are kinds of practices that you can do together with them:

1. Count the Objects

How to teach them counting could be started by introducing addition. When they are doing this task, they will know the condition when things get more and more. By counting the objects, you improve their ability about numbering too.

Simple Addition Worksheets
Simple Addition Worksheets

2. Draw Things

It is a must to make every session interesting for them. There is no excuse for it, or, you can lose their attention to follow your direction. One of the things every kid loves to do is drawing. Teach them how to make an addition properly by drawing objects around them.

Simple Addition Worksheets

3. Add the Numbers

Do you think that learning math is about counting? Surprisingly, it is more than you think. They are able to exercise their writing and coordination skills at the same time. Adding the number requires them to guess the right number to match with the answer. This way sharpens their memory too.

Simple Addition Worksheets

4. Solve with Word

Simple Addition Worksheets

This is another way to teach counting and writing in the same session. Math can also be introduced by words. Ask them to write the answer by letter, not number. If you do this combination, they get double exercise without having to be more time in the class. That was all about the simple addition worksheets you should know now. There is no reason why you avoid this tool. Contrarily, you are better to start earlier print the worksheets and give to the students. If you want another topic, there are still different themes with kinds of levels you can choose based on your needs.

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