Printable Shapes for Preschool to Stimulate Kid’s Intelligence

Children today are math lovers. So, as parents, we can keep this situation going by giving our children the right stimulation from early years. For example, by giving them printable shapes for preschool. Turns out that there are huge benefits in learning shapes for preschoolers.

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The TI Education and Technology survey says that 46 percent of nearly 1000 respondents of students ages 13-18 love math. And the best way to keep it that way is by giving our children the right stimulation. At an early age, they notice there is a different kind of shape in their surroundings. But they don’t know what to call it. There are lots of benefits in learning shapes such as follows:

1. Practice Early Literacy

Shapes are part of literacy and should be taught since preschool. It is because letters themselves contain a variety of shapes such as curves, lines, circles, and angles. You can easily download printable shapes for preschool and accompany them to finish the worksheet. Knowing different kinds of shapes will help them read easily.

2. Develop Math Skills

Just like letters, numbers also come in a different kind of shape. Practicing shapes will give them a better understanding of what numbers look like. It also helps them in learning geometry, symmetry, and perspective. Don’t worry about teaching them what 2-D and 3-D are as well. You can also find worksheets of shapes dimension on the internet.

3. Better Understanding of Categorization and Comparison

By learning shapes, preschoolers will also learn how to compare them. For example, which one is bigger or smaller, higher or lower, and so on. Also, they will practice how to categorize them based on the same shape. Such as, how many sides and points that triangle has. They will also know by the time that not all triangles have the same sides. All of this gives them better observation skills.

4. Sharp Problem-Solving Skill

Just because they are toddlers, so they don’t have to solve a problem. Sorting toys, for example, will be faster if they recognize their shape. Also, when they play with blocks, they will learn that circles and rectangles are not working together. But when they stack square and rectangle, it works better. Ultimately, they will acknowledge the base of structure properly.

5. Stimulate Motoric Skills

When you give them a worksheet of shape, they will have activities such as coloring, tracing, copying, and drawing. All of this needs their ability to hold a pencil or crayon. So, indirectly, they also learn to strengthen their fingers’ grasp to draw better.

6. Perception

Giving them a printable shape worksheet can train their perception. For example, there are two rectangle features but one of them is rotated. Routine practice will help them understand that they are the same even from a different angle. They will know its name just by glance because of daily practice.

Printable shapes for preschool are important to prepare them when they enter kindergarten. Kids with better preparation in math will face less stress at school. Also, they will find it fun because they know it first at an early age.

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