Printable Preschool Worksheets for Fun Home Learning

Before entering kindergarten and elementary, children should enter and join and preschool groups. By joining this group, kids can learn how to socialize and prepare themselves before entering formal school. However, if there are some constraints and your kids can’t join preschool, then you can teach them yourself. Use printable preschool worksheets to teach and play with your kids.

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Preschool is an important phase of child development. Therefore, make sure you can teach kids the skills they need such as reading, writing, and listening. Other than basic skills, in this age kids need to develop their motor and creativity. So, make sure you give them various printable preschool worksheets for them to play and learn.

Preschool worksheet is a type of exercise that contains many kinds of lessons for kids in preschool. With this worksheet, kids can play and learn something new, even though they are at home. However, to work on this sheet, kids will need guidance from their parents.

Choosing the Right Printable Preschool Worksheets

In preschool, kids will be introduced with many new things such as colors, shapes, numbers, and many more. Therefore, if you want to start teaching your kids preschool lessons, then start with these things. Start with simple and fun worksheets so they can get excited about the lesson. Here are some of the top printable preschool worksheets to download for your kids:

1. Letters with Pictures

One of the first things kids will learn in preschool is the letters in the alphabet. Rather than teaching kids all the letters at once, teach the letters one by one. Tell them what object starts with what letter and provide the picture too. Therefore, worksheets that contain letters and pictures will be great for small kids for practice.

Printable Preschool Worksheets

2. Color the Numbers

Learning how to count doesn’t always have to be by writing but can also be done coloring. So, choose a number worksheet where kids need to color the picture based on the number. For example, there are 4 pictures of a rainbow. Rainbow number 1 must be colored red, then blue, and so on. This fun sheet will not only teach counting but also colors for kids.

Printable Preschool Worksheets

3. Tracing Shapes

A fun way to teach kids how to start writing and learn shapes is tracing the shapes. There are worksheets where kids will need to trace the lines of a shape. Then, kids can color them and cut them to stick them in a book. So, with this simple worksheet kids can learn how to write, color, shape, and how to cut too.

Printable Preschool Worksheets

4. Maze Worksheet

Parents can develop kids’ problem-solving skills by giving them a fun maze worksheet. Help your kids work on the printable kindergarten worksheets to find the end of the maze. At first, your kids will have difficulty and need your help to solve the problem. But once they succeed, they will want more of this game.

Printable Preschool Worksheets
Printable Preschool Worksheets

5. Match the Objects

Teach your kids with printable kindergarten worksheets where they must match things together. This will add their knowledge and make them realize the objects in the real world. In this sheet, there will be two columns of pictures, one on the right and the other on the left. Then kids will have to draw a line and match the ones on the left and right together.

Printable Preschool Worksheets

Why Use Worksheets for Small Kids?

Despite the benefits of worksheets, many parents keep asking why kids should learn from worksheets. Well, kids are small humans who love to be active and play around all day. Therefore, use their high energy for learning while playing at the same time.

Kids can play but also learn while they work on the worksheet, like coloring and cutting. They can develop their knowledge of vocab, shapes, and numbers by themselves when working on the sheet. This also teaches them to slowly be independent.

Printable preschool worksheets also help kids develop their skills in problem-solving when they face a problem. Despite running away from the problem, kids must think of a way to finish it. And when they succeed, they will feel proud of themselves. And this will automatically increase their confidence too.

However, kids at this age are not yet stable and will get bored easily. Therefore, make sure not to give the same type of worksheet over because it will make them bored. On the other hand, make a simple schedule of what kids must work on every day. For example, Monday coloring, Tuesday writing, and so on. This way your kids can learn all the things they need at this age.

Overall, printable preschool worksheets are very useful for both sides. Parents can teach their kids in a fun way and the kids can learn new things every day. Don’t forget to also praise them when they succeed in finishing a worksheet.

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