Printable Number Tracing Worksheets to Learn in Fun

Teaching kids something new can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes they are not just into the subject, or they are bored listening. About 30% of students from kindergarten to elementary school say they easily get bored due to lack of interaction. Now to make things more exciting, try to use printable number tracing worksheets. They are fun to work on but also useful as they can teach kids new things.

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Printable number tracing worksheets can teach kids many things other than just tracing. With these kinds of sheets, parents can also teach kids how to be creative, counting to new vocabs. How is this possible? Well, here are some ways to make your worksheet more fun for kids to work on:

1. Tracing Big Numbers

One of the easiest ways to make your kids interested in tracing is by choosing big size numbers. Kids are usually more interested in big size numbers rather than small ones. They are also easier to work on, so kids can work on them easily. So, rather than printing a few numbers on one page, print one number on each page. Therefore, kids can focus more on each number.

2. Pictures & Counting

The next way to make the printable worksheet interesting is by putting some pictures around the number with the same quantity. So, if you pick the number 2, make sure to put 2 pictures around it. Make your kids count the number of pictures there are to practice their counting. You can do this step for all numbers from 1-10.

There are also some printable number tracing worksheets that contain numbers on their dots or lines. By giving this kind of worksheet kids can also learn the sequence of numbers easily.

3. Color the Numbers & Pictures

When your kids have finished tracing all the numbers, reward them by letting them color the numbers and pictures. If you want to teach kids colors, then give instructions for each number. For example, for number 1, color it black and so on for the other numbers.

However, for those who want to let their kids be creative, let them color all the numbers and pictures as they like. Sometimes kids are more creative and smarter than parents think.

4. Cutting the Numbers & Sticking Them On

Next, it is time for some art class! After your kids finish coloring all their sheets it is time to teach them how to cut. Make sure to use plastic scissors so it is not too dangerous. Help them cut all the numbers and pictures on the sheets and stick them on the wall or a book. By sticking them on the wall, parents can repeat the same lesson tomorrow without having to print the same sheet.

5. Keeping Them Neat in a Folder

Parents who don’t want to make too much of a mess can teach their kids how to put the sheets in a book folder. This will make them more disciplined and neater in the future if you teach them from a young age.

So, with just some printable number tracing worksheets, parents can teach more than just tracing to their kids. By being creative, parents can also teach colors, art, counting just by using 1 sheet. Interesting and fun right? So, download some sheets and try them for your kids at home.

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