Printable Letter Tracing Worksheets to Help Kids Write

When entering elementary school, one of the problems that many kids face is writing. Research even shows that 10%-30% of kids in elementary school face writing problems when they first enter. Now parents can prevent this from happening by making kids practice how to write. Start from the very basics such as giving them printable letter tracing worksheets.

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By giving kids printable letter tracing worksheets, kids can practice how to write a letter correctly. You can do this kind of practice for each letter or type and upgrade it slowly when they have improved. To help parents out, here are some letter tracing worksheets that your kids can work on:

1. Tracing Based on Capital Letters

Teach your kids how to write and notice capital letters that will be used in front sentences with capital letter tracing sheets. These kinds of sheets usually contain capital letters only and kids will need to trace them. Make sure your kids don’t only know how to write them but also the way to pronounce them.

2. Tracing Lowercase Letters

After learning about uppercase or capital letters, it is time to teach them lowercase letters. Just like the worksheet before, kids will have to write letters that they will use daily. Don’t give them too many letters at once. Give them one by one and if they succeed, change the letter to a new one. Therefore, parents can see where kids face difficulty.

3. Tracing Both Uppercase & Lowercase

Sometimes kids get confused about which letter is uppercase and lowercase. If your kids happen to face this kind of problem, then try the upper and lowercase tracing sheet. In this kind of sheet, kids will not only learn how to write them correctly but also which is the uppercase and where is the lowercase. Don’t forget to teach them when to use uppercase and lowercase letters.

4. Tracing with Pictures

To make the practice more interesting, parents can give their kids worksheets that have pictures on them. By seeing pictures on the sheet, kids will get excited and have fun tracing the letters. Once the tracing is done, you can let your kids color the pictures as they like.

5. Trace Cursive Letters

If your kids are now getting better, teach them how to cursive letters too. This will be one of the lessons they will learn when they enter elementary school. Compared to normal letters, these are a bit harder, therefore kids will need to focus more.

Printable Letter Tracing Worksheets

6. Tracing Words

When your kids can finally start all letters well, then give printable letter tracing worksheets for words. Therefore, they can practice writing letters and words at the same time. Start with simple and short words first that contain only 3-5 letters. Then you can give them longer words and finally complete sentences.

Printable Letter Tracing Worksheets

So, those are some of the best printable letter tracing worksheets that parents can give to their kids. Parents can start giving these printable worksheets starting from 3 years old, so they can start learning as soon as possible. Make sure to help through the process until their writings get better.

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