Printable ABC Tracing Worksheets for Kids Activities

If your kids are starting to enter preschool or kindergarten, then start teaching them the alphabet using printable ABC tracing worksheets. Normally, at the age of 2 kids start singing the ABC song while they start recognizing it when they are 3. And at the age of 4, 60% of kids usually recognize them all including the uppercase and some of the lowercase letters.

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Teaching kids maybe is not easy for parents. It will be challenging to make them stay still and do their worksheets. However, if parents can be creative, they can make fun worksheets and make the learning process more interesting. So, for parents who need ideas on how to make printable ABC tracing worksheets more fun, here are some ideas you can try:

1. Introducing the Letters by Coloring

For small kids that are just beginning to learn the ABC’s make the practice simple and fun. Rather than making them trace it, introduce them to the letter first. Parents can do this by letting them color the letters they like. Then, pronounce the letter out loud while helping them color it. Do this for some letters and do it for a week for the same letters.

2. Tracing the ABC’s

When your kids start to know all the letters of the alphabet, you can start teaching them how to write it too. Start from uppercase first because they have a bigger size which makes it easier for kids to work on. Then, parents can slowly upgrade the worksheet into lowercase and fewer dots on the letters. Upgrade their worksheet when they can complete a level smoothly without any problem.

Printable ABC Worksheets

3. Recognizing the Letter

After working on all the letters on the printable ABC tracing worksheets, it is time to have some fun with some art class. First, let them trace back the letters but using crayons or markers, so they become more colorful. Then, let them cut all the letters one by one. However, to make the process a learning session, tell them what letter they should cut. This will also test whether they know the alphabet or not.

4. Spelling Time

When kids have cut all the letters, parents can use the piece of paper to teach them how to spell. Just like writing, spelling is just as important as other subjects. However, because this is a bit hard, start slowly with easy words and help them pronounce each word clearly and loudly. Therefore, kids can try to guess what letters make the word.

5. Booklet of ABC

For parents who don’t want to download printable ABC tracing worksheets, they can always use the used paper before. Using the letters that the kids have cut, stick them inside a book. Stick one letter on each page, so your kids can start practicing again in the book. Therefore, kids can practice anytime with the letters they have made before.

With these activities, printable ABC tracing worksheets is now more fun and exciting. Not only are they fun, but these activities can teach your kids how to trace, write, cut, and spell. So, start teaching your kids with these fun activities using printable worksheets.

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