Preschool Number Worksheets, The Best Method to Teach Number for Children

If you want to introduce the number to children, the best time to do it is when they’re in the preschool. By introducing the number to them early, you can forge the solid foundation of mathematics preschool of children. And you can teach them numbers using the preschool number worksheets.

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These worksheets are specially made for children in the preschool, so they can learn the numbers easier. Moreover, the design of these worksheets is very cute and interesting. It is made like that to get the attention of children.

Number Worksheets features

The first thing that comes to mind when you want to teach preschool children is how to make the lesson fun and interesting. Moreover, if the subject of the lesson is a little bit hard like the number, then it’s important to create a fun method. For that purpose, you can use the preschool number worksheets.

Why these worksheets are fun? The main answer is because the design is cute and interesting. Additionally, using worksheets also make the children more active rather than just tell them. Because the Number Worksheets have several features to make them look attractive to children.

1. Main Number

The main features of the number worksheets are the number. There are ten numbers that need to be taught in preschool children, so each worksheet will contain one number. The intended number usually is written in the top-center of the paper and has a bigger size than the rest of the features.

Preschool Number Worksheets

2. Pictures

When you look at the number worksheets for preschool, the first thing you can notice in the picture. Since these worksheets are created for children, you need to make them look attractive in children’s eyes. And the pictures are the best choice.

Preschool Number Worksheets

Furthermore, to make them understand about the number more, you can draw pictures of something that matches with the written number. For example, in the worksheet of number two, aside from write number two, you can also draw two eggs on the right side of the paper.

3. The Word in Alphabet

Though it is a number worksheet, you still can put a word on it. Nonetheless, you have to write the word of the number. This way children will recognize not only the number but also the word in the alphabet.

Preschool Number Worksheets

4. The Exercise

Besides memorizing and recognizing the numbers, using the preschool number worksheets also serve as learning to write. That’s why most of the number worksheets have handwriting practice.

Preschool Number Worksheets

There are dots that make the shape of the number, so children just need to follow those dots to write it. With the handwriting practice, children will have more fun aside from learning how to write the number.

How to Teach Using Preschool Number Worksheets

Teaching children the numbers from preschool is important since it will become the foundation for the next lessons. However, while teaching them is essential, you can’t force them to learn. There are several steps before you can give the preschool worksheets.

1. Make Children Get Used to Number

Before giving the worksheets, you should make children aware of the number first. Always mention the numbers in front of children. For example, when playing you can say, “I have one doll, then I give you one doll, “

2. Show the Worksheets

If children have already aware of the numbers, then you can show them the number worksheets. Point out the picture first then say in a loud voice the number of pictures. For example, “Look it’s one apple, one apple!”

After that move your finger, the point out to the number at the top of the worksheets as to introduce children.

3. Trace the Number

After showing the number, you can try to make children practice writing the number. Give them a crayon or pencil so they can trace the number.

When they have gotten used to trace the number, let’s move to the next level. And the next, have children write the number without a trace. One thing you should remember, don’t get disappointed if they can’t understand in one go. Repeat the process until children can do it themselves.

Get One or Make It Yourself

Using the number worksheets to teach preschool children is one of the effective methods. To get these worksheets you can get them from the internet. There are various models of the worksheets on the Internet, so you can choose the best worksheets for children.

Aside from getting the from the internet, you can also make your own worksheets. Of course, this will consume more time. However, you can create worksheets as you like. And if you make the worksheets yourself, you can make them so it will match children’s tastes. Teaching children from an early age will give you more benefits. That also works when you teach them the numbers. To get their attention, using the preschool number worksheets proves as the best method. So, prepare your worksheets and start teaching.

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