Preschool Math Worksheets for a Balanced Learning

Preschool ages are the phase when children’s activities are more dominated by playing. But it does not rule out of the possibility to teach them about the basics of math. And using preschool math worksheets is a good way to start the lessons.

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For preschool children, the concept of math maybe not in their minds yet. So, choosing the right worksheets is a crucial decision that determines their progress. Let them recognize the numbers and even operations, just like they are playing.

Why You Need Preschool Math Worksheets

This kind of worksheet is what you need to help you to teach your children about the basics of math. You may have no idea where to start your lessons. But with preschool math worksheets, you can identify what subject you can give priority to first.

Once you know your first step, then you can set what to do for the next. It will help you to manage the steps that are suitable to their capacity. This way can also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your children’s learning.

Another reason to have this worksheet is to embed a good impression for math. You can tell your children by the worksheet that math can be applied in various ways. It is also proof that math is not hard if they have known the pattern.

When they enjoy learning, they will remember that math is a fun lesson. They will also try to find the concept of the objects. Therefore, it is expected that they will not fear of math in the future.

Characteristics of the Good Preschool Math Worksheets

To choose the right worksheets, you need to know the characteristics first. It is because the worksheets for preschool children are different from the school children’s. And here are the characteristics you need to consider.

1. Related to Real Things

Most of the preschool children have recognized their surroundings. Not only what they have at home, but also the things they see outside. Besides, the media like television and the internet can also introduce any things they never have seen directly.

Fruits, vegetables, animals, and clothes are the most common things they know. Foods and cutleries are the other examples. With those things in a worksheet, they may automatically be counting the real things when they see them.

So, you can choose the preschool worksheets that insert those things to illustrate the lessons. It will accelerate their understanding because they can apply it to daily activities. Besides, you can also introduce the things they never know before.

2. Containing Interesting Pictures

Besides connecting them to their surroundings, the worksheets also have to be interesting. Colorful pictures are usually effective to attract them to go into the lessons. It also makes the objects be more real in their eyes.

But plain pictures are not bad, though. Provided the worksheets contain obvious shapes so that your children can recognize straight away. So, even though the pictures are plain without colors, they can still do fun things while learning math. For example, is do coloring the pictures.

3. Simple but Effective

There are many types of math worksheets for preschool children. You need to choose the one that gives the simple but obvious displays. The questions or information in it also have to be straight to the point.

An addition worksheet, for example. Make sure that the pictures in each question are pictured one by one. It will make your children easy to point each picture and count them. Don’t give the one with overlapping pictures because they may be confused.

If the pictures have colors, look at the color distribution to the objects. Try not to choose the worksheet with so many random colors. It could distract your children and make them more focused on the colors than the subject.

Recognize Your Children’s Capacity

A good worksheet will not give a maximum effect if your children don’t have enough capacity to get it. So, it is your role to estimate their limitations. A too high level can make them stressed, and too low level will make them bored.

Let them stay at a certain level of a subject if you see that they still need improvements. Don’t rush because it may cause your children to just got no point in their lesson. And it most likely give a bad effect on the next lessons.

But if you see that their capacity is above average, you can give more lessons at once. You can even skip the extra illustration and repeat it later in the next lesson. What you need to remember is to be objective in assessing them. In conclusion, the choice of a good worksheet is important to ensure your children get the best learning method. However, good preschool math worksheets have to be balanced with the children’s capacity. So, the teacher’s or parents’ role also has an influence on the children’s success in learning math.

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