Letter R Tracing Worksheets for Kids to Learn How to Write & Read

Other than reading, writing is the next problem that many kids face. Around 10%-30% of kids usually have a hard time writing when they enter elementary school. Usually, this happens because they are not used to writing yet. To prevent this kind of problem, it is best to make your kids practice writing with tracing worksheets. You can start from each letter of the alphabet such as the letter R tracing.

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Tracing worksheets will not only help your kids in writing but also teaches them each letter of the alphabet. When they practice writing, it also develops their motor skills and improves their eye-hand coordination.

Rather than giving them many letter worksheets at once, it is better to give them one at a time. Therefore, they can really understand and learn which letter is which. Now, those looking for Letter R tracing can try some of these worksheets out:

1. Tracing Uppercase R

First, teach your kids how to write R. Help them by telling your kids which line and direction they should go. Once they get the hang of it, they can write the letter R easily without having to remember the directions. Don’t forget to inform them when they should use these letters when they start to write.

Letter R Tracing

2. Lowercase R

If your kids are finished practicing in the uppercase, they can continue with the lowercase. The shape of the lowercase is simpler and easier to make. You can also tell them the directions or which line to make first to make it easier for them.

Letter R Tracing

3. Letters with Pictures

Teach your kids how to write and read letters in a word by using this kind of worksheet. So, rather than just having letters on the worksheet, put a small picture on the sides of the sheet. Kids can learn how to write the letter and know that the word contains the letter R. For example, print a sheet that also has pictures of a rabbit, robot, rat, and many more.

Letter R Tracing

4. Tracing Words That Starts with R

When your kids are used to letter R tracing and have finished other letters too, then upgrade their worksheet into writing words. Give them worksheets that contain words with the letter R. Therefore, they can practice writing all letters other than R.

Letter R Tracing

5. Tracing the Letter R Based on The Size

When kids start learning, they usually write letters and words in big sizes. This is not a big deal; however, parents can teach them how to write neatly with small letters using this worksheet. Each letter will be restricted with a square so that your kids don’t trace or write out of the box. This worksheet can be a bit challenging for your kids, especially for those who have just started.

Letter R Tracing

Other than letter R tracing worksheets, it is important to give them other letters too. Give the worksheets one by one until they can write correctly without having to read the instructions. Therefore, they can learn how to write each letter of the alphabet correctly and neatly.


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