Kindergarten Tracing Worksheets to Train Writing and Drawing

Making kids write nicely and neatly will take quite a long time, especially for small kids who have started writing. However, parents can make kids practice their writing by working on kindergarten tracing worksheets. By tracing letters routinely, kids will learn how to write better and neater.

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Kindergarten tracing worksheets don’t only consist of letters but also have shapes, numbers, and even pictures. With this sheet, kids can also learn how to draw, write letters and numbers too. Therefore, tracing worksheets are a great option for small kids who are starting to write.

Benefits of Tracing Worksheets for Parents & Kids

Tracing is a simple yet very useful activity for kids in kindergarten. This is one of the basic steps before kids start to write or draw on their own. So, once your kids can start holding a pen, give them various types of kindergarten tracing worksheets to practice.

Another great reason why kids should practice tracing is that it can improve kids’ other skills like focusing. Making a kid focus especially on things like writing is quite hard. However, with tracing, kids won’t have to write but will trace on the dots of the object. Slowly but sure, they will start on learning how to focus and make their writing or drawing better.

Making kids focus will also teach kids to pay attention to details. With kindergarten tracing worksheets, kids will have to pay attention to the lines and dots on the sheets. They must trace or draw a line based on the dots available. This simple instruction teaches kids to pay attention and obey the instructions on the sheets.

Tracing is also a fun activity compared to just writing, so to some kids, it can be a refreshing moment. However, the best part is when they can finish the worksheet and see that they have succeeded. This simple process can help increase their confidence level at school later.

As for parents, one of the best benefits of tracing worksheets is that your kids can practice without a teacher or guidance. Just by giving them the sheet, kids can start practicing writing letters, numbers, or shapes. The more often you give them the sheet, the better they will get.

Types of Kindergarten Tracing Worksheets to Try Out

So, what types of tracing worksheets are available or suitable for kindergarten kids? Well, there are many kinds of worksheets available from simple ones to the advance sheets. But since it is for kindergarten kids, here are the best type of worksheet you should have:

1. Various Lines Tracing

Before even practicing how to write, you can teach your kids how to hold a pen correctly by giving them line tracing. On this sheet, there will be various types of lines, from a straight line to curvy lines that kids will have to trace. This simple sheet will help kids on how to make straight and curvy shapes when they start to write.

Kindergarten Tracing Worksheets
Kindergarten Tracing Worksheets

2. Letter Tracing

One of the most common kindergarten tracing worksheets is letter tracing. This is one basic practice that young kids should do before they start writing. They must be able to write the letters of the alphabet first. When they complete this activity, then they will surely be ready to write.

3. Number Tracing

Other than a letter, number tracing is also a popular type of tracing worksheet for kindergarten kids. Kids will also need to learn to write numbers when they go to school. Therefore, you can teach your kids how to write numbers using number tracing activity sheets.

4. Shapes

If your kids start to get bored in tracing numbers of letters, then give them tracing shapes. With this sheet, kids will trace a certain type of shape and can color them when they finish. Other than just tracing, kids can also learn the names of the shapes that they never knew before.

5. Drawing

One of the most favorite types of kindergarten tracing worksheets that have high difficulty is drawing tracing. So, this is a simple step where kids can learn how to draw by tracing. The pictures are simple, but they can help kids develop their drawings.

Make Your Own Tracing Worksheet

With many functions and benefits of tracing worksheets, no wonder many parents choose this option for their kids. Now other than downloading, parents can make tracing worksheets on their own in simple ways. It is quick, easy and most importantly it is free.

For parents who want to train their kids how to draw, help them by making a simple shape or picture with dots. If you are good at drawing, then draw a shape using cutting lines. Or you can also look at shapes or pictures that you like and edit them a bit before printing.

As for parents who want kids to be better at writing can use line books to help them practice their writing. Make capital and lowercase letters on the books for them to trace. Make them trace 8-10 times, so they get used to it. Overall, kindergarten tracing worksheets are very helpful for both kids and parents. Children can improve many things by working on this kindergarten worksheets regularly from writing to their focus skills. Like people say, practice makes perfect so let your kids practice with this sheet as much as they like.

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