Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

Math is one of the difficult subjects that all kids will face when they enter school. Most schools start teaching this subject from kindergarten, so kids can prepare for elementary school. However, the level of difficulty is adjusted to the grade of the students. One of the ways to teach kids math is by kindergarten math worksheets addition.

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Why learn addition first compared to subtractions and other math problems? Well, addition is the easiest compared to subtractions, multiplying, and dividing especially for kindergarten kids. The concept and way of thinking are also the basic needed for multiplying. Therefore, kids will need to learn the addition first to step on the other lessons in math.

Using kindergarten math worksheets addition, kids can practice their counting and improve their math skills. However, remember that these are small kids you are facing, so make the learning process simple and easy to understand. Otherwise, kids will not listen and focus on other things.

Which Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition to Use?

So, for kindergarten kids, let’s start with something simple and easy first. Try to think of ways to attract small kids like a big number, colorful pages, and pictures. As for the type of worksheets, here are the best kindergarten worksheets additions to use:

1. Writing Addition Sentence

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

Before starting to teach additions to your kids, you can start with teaching them addition sentence. In this worksheet, there will be pictures of different objects in each row. For each row, to differentiate the two numbers, each object will use different colors. Then, below the pictures, kids will have to write the amount of each object and the total amount too.

2. Addition Pictures

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

After getting to know the meaning of the additional side, continue with additional exercises with pictures. The concept used is almost the same, however, this worksheet kid just needs to write down the total amount. The pictures on the worksheet are to support and help kids get a picture of how to count.

3. Simple Addition Exercise (Less than 10)

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

When your kids get used to the exercise, you can level up their kindergarten math worksheets addition. However, choose small numbers that are still under 10. Therefore, if they have difficulty, they can still use their hands to help them count.

4. Draw Additional Pictures

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

The next way to teach your kids addition is by drawing the missing pictures or objects. This worksheet is super fun but also very useful for kids to learn. So, on this sheet, there will be an additional sentence on the bottom row. However, one of the numbers will be missing, and kids will have to solve the missing number. The way to solve it by drawing the amount missing and writing the number down.

5. Matching Addition Sheet

Kindergarten Math Worksheets Addition

If your kids are not in the mood to write the number, you can still make them practice math with matching addition sheets. In this sheet, the exercise will be on one row, whereas the answer will be on the row beside. Kids will have to draw a line from one side to another to match the right answer. It is simple and will only take a few minutes for kids to finish it.

Don’t forget to take it slowly at a time and make sure your kids understand each problem of the exercise. To make sure they understand you can repeat the same type of sheet but with a different exercise. This way you can see whether your kids understand or not.

Benefits of Learning Additions from Worksheets

Even though math is a hard subject compared to other subjects, parents can make them easy by making kids practice. And one of the facilities to train them is using kindergarten math worksheets additions. With these worksheets, kids can learn to add in easy and fun ways.

Other than just math, there are more skills kids will develop with worksheets. One of them is making kids practice writing too. Most math worksheets require kids to write down numbers or sentence to solve a problem. Therefore, the more worksheet you give to them the more they will practice their writing.

Kids will also develop their way of thinking, especially when they face a problem they can’t solve. For example, if they face an exercise they can’t answer, kids will use their hands or use objects to count. This is a simple example of how kids develop their problem-solving skills.

Kindergarten mathematics worksheets addition also teaches kids how to understand a problem and instruction. By reading the math sentence, kids will have to figure out what they must do. At first, some kids will have difficulty but the more they practice they will understand instructions.

So, the math doesn’t always have to be a hard and scary subject for kids at school. If they can understand and solve the problems, kids will love math like other subjects. Therefore, take your time in teaching math to your kids using kindergarten math worksheets addition.

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