Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets to Develop Your Kid’s Reading Skills

By the age of 3, 20% of kids start to recognize letters. From pronouncing and understanding it. When they enter the stage of preschool and forward, they would even be more detailed about the A-B-C. There are plenty of ways parents could teach their toddlers. One of the ways is using kindergarten alphabet worksheets.

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This is a great way to teach children how to learn. Not only would they understand more about it, but also it could train their motoric sensory as well. Mom and dads don’t have to get confused about finding how because they could easily get the source from the internet. Here are some ideas of various worksheets that parents could get for their kids:

1. Trace Letters

Tracing is the most basic thing on how to learn. In the beginning, they could learn to trace big dots with colorful colors. As they get better and more advanced, the dots could get smaller. Let them try to draw as they find the way and directions but don’t forget to help them.

2. Coloring Sheets

Coloring is always a fun activity for the little ones. It could be a great solution to teach but with playing as well. Using different kinds of colors, would not only increase their memory of learning, knowing, and memorizing but also good for creativity. Moreover, try to use their favorite color to work up their mood. 

3. Touch and Learn

The next kind of kindergarten alphabet worksheets are touch and learn. Here, kids could play a guessing game by touching it and remembering it as well with their parents. Don’t rush on teaching them too much at a time. Moms and dads could try a, b, c on the first, then continue with d, e, f, and continuously.

4. Using the First Letter of Objects

When the children start to know more about it, parents could start with this stage. Try to use the first letter of objects to increase a child’s memory about what they learn. For example, A is for Apple, B is for Banana. Kids could expand their knowledge about objects as well.

Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets

5. Matching lowers and upper Letters

Another kind of sheet for teaching toddlers is using matching lowers and uppers. With the different kinds of fonts and sizes, kids might get confused, that’s why this activity could strengthen their memory.

Kindergarten Alphabet Worksheets

6. Finding the Alphabet

This is another fun activity sheet for children. Here they could match, find the alphabet. They could use their creativity on how to do it. With coloring, it, circling it, ticking it, or others. Don’t give restricted rules and let them get creative as well. Moreover, they could even hone their counting skills.

So, those are some various kinds of examples of kindergarten alphabet worksheets that parents could use. You can use the same sheets for several days to steady the little’s practices, after that use different kinds of activity so that they don’t get bored. Remember also to praise them once they achieve something new. This would increase their confidence and spirit to continually learn.

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