Fun & Creative Simple Division Worksheets to Play while Learn with Your Kids

In math, there are 4 lessons that kids must understand, addition, subtractions, multiply, and divisions. From the 4 lessons, multiply and divisions are the two hardest lessons for most kids. Kids must understand the basic work of addition and subtraction to understand division. Therefore, it is recommended that kids practice using simple division worksheets to develop their skills.

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However, simple division worksheets can be boring and not attractive to most kids. Therefore, parents must balance the learning and playing process, so kids can feel excited about learning. So, don’t just print the worksheet, but create a different method to teach your kids.

Creative Ways to Use Simple Division Worksheets

Simple division worksheets is a sheet that contains many kinds of division exercises for kids to practice. There are various types of exercises for all ages to practice from elementary schools to high school. For those who are interested in practicing, can easily download them from the internet for free!

However, the simple division worksheets that are available download are usually a bit boring, especially for small kids. If you are teaching small kids, then you must be a bit creative in developing the sheets to make it more interesting. Here are some creative ways to teach your kids a simple division:

1. Triangle Math Sheets

Multiply and divisions are two lessons that can’t be separated. Therefore, try to combine these two lessons together using a triangle math sheet. So, create a sheet in a triangle shape. In each corner of the triangle write a number that is related to one another, like 6, 2, and 3. Then, in the middle part, writing exercises with those numbers like 6:2, 6:3, 3×2.

Simple Division Worksheets

This method will teach your kids that these numbers are related to one another. And slowly but sure, your kids can memorize the simple divisions and multiply without having to count with their hands.

2. Matching the Puzzles

Simple Division Worksheets

One of the simple division worksheets that parents can also make is matching the puzzles. So, with a piece of paper, create an exercise and the answer below it. Then cut the exercises and answers but make sure they can match each other. Make your kids match the answers with the question. Therefore, your kids can play puzzles but also learn simple divisions.

3. Division Mat

Make a division mat that consists of just one exercise. However, in this division mat, teach your kids different ways on how to solve them. First, divide the page into 4 parts. Then, in one square, teach your kids how to finish the problem using equal groups. Draw pictures too to help your kids understand too.

4. Division Flowers

Simple Division Worksheets

To help your kids memorize and learn simple division, make a flower learning aid. Just like the name, make the paper in a flower shape. Choose one basic number to put in the middle of the flower for example 10. Then on the sides of the flower, give different numbers from 1-10. Then under the flower, put another paper for your kids to write the answers.

5. Board Game

Simple Division Worksheets

Make a small board game on a piece of paper and write simple exercises on each square. Then, play a game with your kids just like a normal board game. However, rather than just playing, kids have to answer the questions, so they can continue.

6. Division Square Problem

Simple Division Worksheets

Make another game by using a division square like Sudoku. So, divide the square into nine small parts but make sure to have enough space to write. Then in some of the squares, write down numbers like 12 one on square and 4 on the other. Below the number 12 write another number like 2 and let the answer empty. Your kids will then have to write down the answers in all the empty spaces.

Why Use Simple Division Worksheets Rather Than Workbooks?

The division is a hard lesson but if teachers and parents can teach kids with a fun method, then it can be an easy lesson. And therefore, worksheets are one of the recommended methods to use especially for kids who are just learning.

One of the benefits of learning math from worksheets is kids is they can balance their right and left brain. So, by making fun division worksheets, kids can play but also learn at the same time. This will develop both their left and right brain together.

Next, kids usually have a hard time to focus especially if they must work on their own. Therefore, to help them focus give something that they like and are interested in. This method will help kids focus on and understand the lesson. Division worksheets are also easy to get, so it is a great benefit for parents. Parents can download them and most of them are free. Or parents can also make creative and different simple division worksheets on their own for their kids. So, therefore worksheets are very recommended to use to teach kids all kinds of lessons.

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