Free Printable Tracing Letters to Elevate Their Love of Learning

Starting at age 2, children face a critical period of brain development and will conclude at age 7. So, giving them proper stimulation is necessary such as tracing practices. But don’t fuss by drawing it yourself because there are tons of free printable tracing letters on the internet you can print.

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Do you know that our brain cells start to develop a unique and important connection at the age of 2? In this critical period, there are double synapses between them. So, the parent must give the right stimulation to maximize it. It is important to help them grow the love of learning, paying attention, and focus. A simple tracing letter practice is one of the solutions for the below reasons:

1. Improve Their Motoric Skill

Since your kids are now turning 2 or 3, you must stimulate their ability in holding something such as a crayon, pencil, or coloring pencil. By giving them free printable tracing letters, you print from the internet, they will learn how to strengthen their fingers in holding and moving pencils on paper. Once their ability to hold a crayon is developed, they will be able to write easily

2. Learn How to Acknowledge Letters

Tracing is one of the fastest ways to build kids’ memory in acknowledging letters and numbers. While they trace, their brain cells work to memorize it. The critical period is fascinating and giving the right stimulation for children makes them easily remember what they draw.

3. Training Their Focus

Connecting dot to dot is fun but meaningful activity to practice their focus. It will also train them to concentrate on something. Sometimes, kids at the age of 2 or 3 are very active, so why don’t let them rest for a while by tracing letters.

4. Grow Their Interest in Details

The critical period marked the time of curiosity. So, when you give them, paper containing a letter to be traced, it will attract their attention in curves, straight lines, and also other shapes. Moreover, if the worksheet also features another object such as fruits or animals, they will love it more.

5. Identify Kid’s Dominant Hand

Even if it’s natural, knowing your child’s reading finger is important to help them write better. Don’t let them switch it because it may disrupt the learning process. If you give them this worksheet routinely, they will be familiar with their body as well. Such as, which hand should I use for writing.

6. Build Ability to Copycat

Since their brain cells work double and fast, tracing letters can help them understand the concept of copying something. By connecting dots and producing the correct shape, your children will know that, for example, if they want to write A, there are shapes and flow they must follow correctly.

Free printable tracing letters will ease you when you teach your kids how to write and read. It’s also good for their memory and brain development. Their motor skill will improve too when they learn to hold a pencil and move it on paper. Besides, it is a very fun activity.

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