Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids: Here’s What to Choose the Right One!

Teaching alphabets might be tricky for most parents. At the age of 3, normally kids can start pronouncing them and some can even identify them. One of the methods that moms and dads could use to teach small kids is using free printable alphabet coloring pages. Moreover, it is easy to access from the internet. There are various types, starting for the beginner to the harder ones.

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The coloring method is also a great example to explain to kid’s new things. It is fast and cheap to get. Children would tend to easily understand and memorize it. Especially when they use their favorite colors. Here are some easy tips on applying free printable alphabet coloring pages:

1. Different Themes

The first thing that parents should pay attention to is the theme. They should not always use a specific one on each sheet. However, make sure to use a different theme every time a toddler study. For example, today they could use animals and then for tomorrow it could be fruits and vegetables. They could also learn about objects by using a special topic.

2. Methods of Coloring

Another tip that moms and dads could try to use is to use different methods. Not only could they use crayons and pencil colors, but they could also paint as they practiced their sensory motors as well. This could increase their creativity and spirit. We don’t want to make them get bored with using the same media. So, don’t get afraid of using new ones.

3. Focus on the Letters

Parents should remember that the focus is for the child to learn about the letters. Don’t make the kid forget about learning and remembering the ABCs. Moms and dads could use sheets that constantly repeat the same ones on one sheet. A toddler would memorize it out of their head.

4. One Letter at a Time

The next free printable alphabet coloring page that parents should pay attention to is to use one at a time. When they are learning “A” then focus on that for a moment. Use different fonts and sizes to give them more insight. Moreover, the sheet would give several pictures but having the same front letter. For example, for B, there are buses, bananas, books, and butterflies.

5. Trace and Matches

The last activity for kids to learn is using traces and matches. Toddlers might not be suitable for this but for preschool or kindergarten, the thing is perfect for them to start to write as well. They could still learn about the alphabet with coloring by using tracing and matching. Moms and dads could give them some examples first so that they could then copy them.

So those are some tips before choosing and using free printable alphabet coloring pages. Remember to let them play and learn at the same time, so they don’t get bored easily. Moreover, parents could keep some of the creations to appreciate their work. It could be a great art piece for the house that would also keep kids happy.

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