Fractions Worksheets, Learn Fractions with Fun

Mathematics seems to be the most horror subject for most students in almost all grades. This is because most students do not understand the process or the way the problem works, especially for fraction problems. Whereas, if they know the right way to think, math can be an easier subject. Now, to help you get the right way of thinking, adding fractions worksheets is one of the solutions.

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A fraction is a number that is not totally a complete value. Or you can say fraction is how many values you have from the total value. It consists of two numbers that are known as the numerator for the top number. And the denominator for the bottom number of the value. The basic fraction is as simple as that.

Overall, the fraction is an easy subject in math, as long kids understand the basic infractions. With additional fraction worksheets, students can learn how to add the same or different fraction numbers together easily.

What to Learn Using Adding Fractions Worksheets

From the name of the worksheet, parents will know the main function of this sheet. Kids will learn how to add fractions together, either they have the same denominator or not. So, this sheet is usable for kids starting in elementary schools from grades 1-6.

The first thing that kids can learn from this worksheet is how to add fractions with the same denominator. For this kind of sheet, kids will have to add up the numerators. This kind of exercise is like basic math, so it should not be too hard for kids.

The next exercise is how to add fractions with different denominators. Now, this is the challenging part as kids will have to equalize denominator first. Therefore, choose a fraction exercise that focuses on equalizing the denominator. Let them get used to equalizing the denominator because this is the only hard part. Once they can finish this problem, they can easily add fractions.

So, with this sheet kids can learn both additions for normal numbers and fractions. And also learn how to equalize denominator for fractions. This the basic step to solving fraction problems that kids must understand. And you can make them practice with adding fractions worksheets.

How to Teach Your Kids Using Fraction Worksheets

Kids usually start learning fractions in elementary school; therefore, you can start giving it to them since. However, adjust the kind of exercise you give to them based on their age and grade. There are various exercises to choose from, so do not worry.

For first graders, you can start teaching fractions using worksheets with pictures. Usually, there will be pictures of circles that are divided into a few parts. Some of the parts will be shaded and the others still plain. The number of parts shaded will be the numerators, whereas the denominators are the total amount.

When your kids are getting used to the form of fractions, start teaching them additions with adding fractions worksheets. Choose the same format with pictures to help ease their understanding. On this sheet kids will see two pictures of circles with different shades. The concept is just like the one before, however, make sure to equalize the denominators.

Fractions Worksheets

This is usually the second hardest part of teaching fractions to your kids. However, once they understand the process it is easier to continue. So, try giving your kids this exercise at least 2-3 times a week, so they get used to fractions.

For older kids, start with two fractions with the same denominator. Usually, kids in the third grade start to learn this kind of exercise. Then, level it up partially by giving them bigger numbers of fractions but still with the same denominators. Next, when they are used to it, you can start giving adding fraction exercises with different denominators.

Why Use Adding Fractions Worksheets?

Fractions are a hard lesson; therefore, parents and teachers must make it easier for kids to understand. Therefore, using fraction worksheets kids can get a clear explanation about what fraction is and how it works. Once they understand, they can practice counting fractions from the worksheets.

Other than just learning how to count, fraction worksheets are also very useful. It helps develop how kids think and increase their problem-solving skills. Because they can’t just add the numbers but have to find an equalize number to finish the problem.

And the best part is adding fractions worksheets are suitable for all grades in elementary school. As all grades will learn this level in their math lesson. The only difference is the level of difficulty in each grade. But do not worry because there are also various types of fraction worksheets too.

So, parents who want to help and teach fractions to their kids can use adding fractions worksheets to help. They can download the sheet online or also purchase them in bookstores. Therefore, with worksheets kids can now learn math from anywhere and anytime they like.

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