Counting Worksheets for Preschool to Learn Math Easier

Counting is the activity that sometimes makes the kids stressed out. It is because the kids who do not familiar with numbers will find difficulties when they do math operation worksheets. For the parents, introducing mathematics operation with counting worksheets for preschool brings a good impact to the kids.

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Preschoolers are knowing the worksheets as the task from the parents to do. However, some of them are knowing the worksheets as fun things to do. The kids called the worksheets as the job that must be finished.

The parents, especially moms sometimes are making budget plans while accompanying their kids. When moms count in the budget sheets, then the kids will imitate it. So, this is the right time to introduce them about numbers and math operations such as addition and subtraction to preschoolers.

Counting Worksheets for Preschool

The Urgency of Learning Mathematics for Preschool

Learning mathematics for preschoolers is urgent because it contains one of the foundations’ skills that should be mastered by the kids. As we know that the foundations’ skill divided into several parts. There are language skills, numeric skill, motoric skill, social skill, and cognitive skill.

The numeric skill is delivered in the form of numbers and math operations. For the early stage of learning mathematics, the kids will learn about the numbers. Learning about numbers for preschoolers starting with an introduction to the symbol of the number, how to write the number using number tracing method, and to count the objects based on the picture.

When the preschoolers start to aware of the symbol, they will be able to count the things around them. To give them an exercise is better to give the worksheets so they can enrich the materials about numbers. Also, after they are mastered counting, they will be ready to the next level of numeric skill, it is the mathematics operations.

Learning Math with Fun Activities

For the kids, especially preschoolers, learning mathematics must be interesting and fun. It is because the kids demand the activity that brings happiness to them. So, when the kids happy they will remember about the activity.

Then, unconsciously, the memory will record the lesson materials about the numbers and about the process of counting.

The parents must realize that to make the preschool kids happy with the activity, they should create fun activities. So, it is not only taught and do the work, but it requires the creativity of the parents or tutor who accompanying them during the studying time. Fun activities can put on the beginning or the ending of the lesson.

Counting Worksheets for Preschool

The fun activities can encourage the passion of the kids to learn more about mathematics. It creates awareness of numbers and mathematics. Fun activities to teach math are delivered in many forms, for example, skip counting games, counting to the tray, roll the dice, etc.

How to Use Counting Worksheets for Preschool

One of the media that use to teach counting to the kids is counting worksheets for preschool. It is the worksheets designed to make the kids can count the object based on the picture. Also, in reverse, the kids can draw the objects based on the numbers written in the worksheets.

The counting worksheets for preschool can be combined with kid’s fun activities such as coloring, cut and paste, etc. Counting worksheets have the main goal to make the kids able to count the objects. However, it can also use to drill the other skill such as arts by coloring and decorate the worksheets.

The Benefits Using Counting Worksheets

The counting worksheets brings many benefits. For the preschoolers, they get a lot of benefit from the worksheets as the task that must do. Not only for the kids, but the parents and tutors also get the benefits from the counting worksheets usage.

The benefits of using counting worksheets for preschool kids are three. First, the kids more aware and encourage to learn about numbers include mathematics operation. So, when they enter kindergarten or primary school, they will be excited to learn about the higher level of mathematics such as addition and subtraction.

Second, the kids use the worksheets to increase their focus and concentration during doing the tasks because the worksheets will provide several tasks they must do at a certain time. Then, the last benefit is the counting worksheets for preschool as the recreation activity that they can do at home by coloring and decorating it.

Then, for the parents, the worksheets make them able to find the right media to teach their kids about numbers. Also, it needs a few times of preparation because the parents or tutors only need to download and print it. So, the worksheets show its effectiveness on time and energy used.

To sum up, the counting worksheets for preschool are the best media to enrich the kid’s knowledge about the numbers. Then, if they master it, they are ready to do more difficult tasks such as addition and subtraction in mathematics. So, for the kids learning mathematics is not killing the subject again because learning math can be so excited.

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