Children Coloring Pages to Play & Learn With Fun

Children coloring pages are a great activity that can relax and refresh a kid’s mind. Research even showed that colors can improve a kid’s learning from 55% to 78%. So, if you want to teach something new to your kids why not start from coloring pages?

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A great thing about children coloring pages is they are great for all ages. Children from 2 years old can even do this activity even though they don’t know all the colors yet. At the age of 3, other than coloring, kids can also learn the names of the colors and the objects they color. If parents want to make this activity more beneficial, then try to search for coloring pages with these themes:

1. Shapes and Patterns

This is the first theme that kids should try. They could learn to know and even draw about shapes and patterns as well. Since coloring is identical to drawing, this is a perfect type of sheet for them. For a more advanced level for them, they could try a harder sheet such as doodles.

Children Coloring Pages

2. Math

Children coloring pages while learning math, why not? Addition and subtraction might be boring for most kids. So, let’s make it exciting and fun with some coloring. Here, they must solve some calculation that is suitable with their age, after that they would find the color that would match with the result. Moms and dads could help a little if the little ones have difficulty reading.

3. Objects

The next theme is the most popular among the others, which is using objects. There are many kinds of objects parents can use such as fruits, animals, vehicles, foods, cartoons, plants, toys, and more. In this kind of sheet, kids can develop their creativity by coloring the objects with the colors they like. Don’t blame them if they color an object with a unique color because it is part of their creativity.

4. Alphabets and Numbers

Learning and playing is always a great thing to do for kids. Besides objects, they could also use alphabets and numbers, especially for those who are still new to it. Use different sizes and different fonts. That would be great for them to strengthen their understanding and their memorization. As another fun alternative, use the first letter of their name.

5. Cards and Holidays

Other children coloring pages that parents could use are themes about cards and holidays. This is a great activity to use during a special moment like Christmas, birthdays, or other occasions. Here they could make their greeting cards as a sweet gift for their family or friends. This could increase their confidence because they would be giving their masterpiece to other people. Quite challenging, but yes, it is fun!

So, those are some children coloring pages that parents could use. Other than coloring, there are many things’ kids can develop from this worksheets. Make sure to find topics that are interesting or new for them, so they can learn something new. By adding coloring to the activity, kids will be more interesting and keener to learn.

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