Addition with Regrouping Worksheets to Learn be More Interesting for Kids

Living in this century is not easy because there is much basic knowledge that your kids should achieve. Education and school is the main thing that they should not miss because it is important for their future. In school, your kids will get many subjects, one of them is math. They certainly have to bring back home some addition with regrouping worksheets as homework.

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2020 is the worst year ever maybe because the coronavirus hitting us with a lot of problems. Many schools closed the day off to prevent the coronavirus from spread rapidly. As a result, you should be smart to think about how to teach your kids carefully as the teachers do. You can use this addition with regrouping worksheets to tell them about the math without making them bored.

Why it is Important to Understand the Addition?

Since we are just a little kid, the very first math we ever learned should be 1+1 and so on. Even technology has grown too fast this day, every basic knowledge is still the same as before. Nothing has changed with the basic but the one who changed was our creativity in learning or present this addition.

The kids may seem like they don’t need it but it was so important to understand the addition in their life. There are some cases they will use the addition like when they are shopping, order some food, and counting. The calculator may give our life easier than before, but we can’t use it in a certain case. You will not use them just to count 13+27, right? It takes too much time.

The addition will make your kid’s life easier, and no one can fool them. Moreover, when someone understands how to count perfectly, they can calculate well the profit and loss of their activity. Do not ever think that because addition is very simple, your kids can learn on their own without being guided. It is the parents’ responsibility to make the kids understand how to sum something perfectly.

Steps on How to Teach Kids Addition from Zero

When you want to teach your kids something, you should make sure they understand the basics. In this case, you should make sure your kids understand what to do when the result shows more than 9. Here are the steps you should do while teaching them some addition with regrouping worksheets.

1. Teach Them Using Single Digit Worksheet

The basic knowledge in sum or addition concept is using regrouping worksheets but only with single digit at first. This step can make your kids understand what to do when the result show above 10 and where to move the dozens. It is also important for them to understand the position of dozens and units. Teach them the last number on the worksheet is units and the second one is dozens.

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

2. Mix the Single Digit with Two Digits

The purpose of this type of addition worksheet is to make sure your kids know where to put the dozens. Give them some questions with the result shows more than nine in the unit and then tell them where to put the dozens. Make sure your kids put the dozens above the dozens on these worksheets.

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

3. Using Two-Digit Regrouping Worksheets

After you make sure they understand the basic and they can count a single digit sum, you can start to give them two-digits. Like before this worksheet has a purpose to teach your kids where to put the hundreds of the number. You can give them some difficult questions with the result shows more than one hundred. Also, you can evaluate do your kids understand the previous lesson in here.

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

Make an Interesting Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

If you already know how to give a basic understanding of using these types, you should also think about how to make your kids interesting. Moreover, you can start to teach them the higher digit until 4 or 5 digits using the same trick. There are available 3 ways what you can do to attract the kids so they feel comfortable.

1. Create it With Some Shape

When the kids start seeing the worksheet, they can think that you give them too many questions. It happens when you give them only with addition, but you can overcome it using some shape. You can use the rectangle or round near the question so they will see it one by one.

2. Give Different Colors

The kids will love seeing a lot of colors on their worksheets rather than only see it in black and white. You can start to give different colors on each question so they will interest to do the next one. It has the same principle as before; you change their focus, so they feel like doing something else.

3. Add Some Animations or Cartoon Character There

You should understand who your kid favorite character in their cartoon movies is was. This can be the right moment to take their interest when they see the character on their worksheets. You can also give them some story that their favorite character love to study or something else good.

Addition with Regrouping Worksheets
Addition with Regrouping Worksheets

So, these are some tips and tricks to teach your kids the addition with regrouping worksheets. Remember the first rule, you should not push them too hard to understand the math. Math is only about how much you want to practice and learn, so do not make them feel uncomfortable to study.

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