Addition and Subtraction Worksheets to Increase Kids’ Counting Ability

When we are just a kid back then, the addition and subtraction aren’t as easy as we see this day. Even this time there is available a calculator, but it doesn’t help in some cases. Neither, it is important to know how to add and subtract numbers in the right way. There is something we usually use like addition and subtraction worksheets to teach us.

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We usually use addition and subtraction worksheets to teach kids and boost their mathematical skills. It is important for the next educational level because add and subtract is the basic skill that everyone will need. For example, multiplication and division use both of these skills as the basic but with some adjustments.

The Importance of Addition and Subtraction Worksheets

People and mostly a kid, hate mathematic because it was full of confusing things. We can say that from 25 kids, there are maybe only 4-5 kids who love mathematic. But even they don’t love it, addition and subtraction still important for the future especially in their daily life.

Teach them addition and subtraction in worksheets is one useful method that has been used for a long time ago. With a worksheet, you can add some way how to fix it without need to erase it after you did teach them. It may sound unimportant, but it will be easier when they want to see the way you teach them before. So, they didn’t need to take a look at other things that can make them not focus.

It was a little bit tricky honestly, even the technology getting more awesome, we still use the same concept from old times. Using addition and subtraction is a basic in human life especially after people find the concept of the money. When your kids didn’t understand about it, then never think that they will get a better life.

Kind of Addition and Subtraction Mixed Worksheets

Two kinds of addition and subtraction usually used in a worksheet, vertical and horizontal equations. It is used in a different case where the horizontal usually used when the children already know how to use the vertical one. But in some cases, people usually using the vertical when it has a simple add and subtract. Here are other addition and subtraction worksheets based on the level of difficulty.

1. The Dots Near the Number

Teaching the kids should from the simplest one and then you can adjust it with the harder one. When your kids are just a newbie you can use a single digit first on their math worksheet. It is important to make them understand the first principle of addition and subtraction and how it works well.

When they didn’t understand the number and have some problems with that, you can add the dots near the number. It can help them to calculate using these dots so it will be easier for them. Don’t push your kids too hard or they will be getting bored and lazy to study again.

2. Single Digit Simple Worksheet

After they understand the numbers and their meaning, you can give them the next worksheets. This worksheet is not equipped with any dots again like before because they started to understand the meaning of the numbers. Try to teach them using the fingers in this case.

You can start with tell them what they should do when they find the addition results in more than one number. It should be a little bit hard for them when the result shows ten or more because they still don’t understand where to put the dozens. This is the perfect worksheet to tell them the basics.

3. Fill The Blank Single Digit Worksheet

When you think it is enough for them to do a single-digit worksheet, you can try to give them this one. This fills the blank worksheet will give your kids more basic science in the add and distract process. They will understand where the result comes from so it can give them more understanding.

Try your kids with a blank space before the equal signs and let them think the number that can give that results. For example, give them 8 + _ = 13 and you can start telling them the theories where 13 are made from 8 add with 7 or they can get the blank number by subtracting 13 with 8. It is very important to create the way your kids thinking before you give them the harder one.

4. 1-2 Digits Worksheet

You should understand how far your kids get the principle and if you think it is enough, try to give them a mix of 1 and 2 digit worksheets. Giving 2 digits worksheet will develop the way they thinking and it will show you that your kids have to get smarter.

With this worksheets, you can also try to mix between the addition and subtraction to see how much they understand the basics. Over more, when you should give them an understanding that no matter how much the number on the worksheets, the principle will always be the same.

So these are the kind of addition and subtraction worksheets and also the importance for your kids. You should be careful when you teach them because they still in the development phase. Also, make sure you add some funny stuff on the worksheet so they will not feel lazy to study again.

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