5 Benefits of Using Dragon Coloring Pages for Children Growth and Development

According to studies, children now spend more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen. In fact, spending too much time in front of the screen does not make their brains develop optimally. One activity that has many benefits for their growth and development is coloring. For example, they can color using dragon coloring pages that interest them.

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If your child likes fictional characters, your child will be familiar with dragons. Coloring dragons have many benefits for them because dragons do not have a definite color and form so that children can color them according to their imagination. There are many more benefits of coloring using dragon coloring pages for children, which are as follows:

1. As a Media for Self-Expressing

Coloring gives children the opportunity to express their creative side. Children will create an imaginary world in their minds before putting the colors of their choice on the coloring pages. Children will also think of various color combinations that they can choose for their work.

Dragon Coloring Pages

Moreover, the dragon is a mythological animal, so it does not have a definite color. They can give the dragon a light or dark color though. So, coloring can be the right medium for self-expressing.

2. Stimulate Creativity from an Early Age

Usually, parents will start equipping their children with coloring tools after the child gets to know colors. By coloring, children will explore colors even more. The reason is, when just starting to hold markers, crayons, colored pencils, or even watercolors, children tend to mix colors with one another.

Dragon Coloring Pages

Coloring using dragon coloring pages can also raise awareness of primary and general colors, as well as awareness of color gradations. So, don’t worry, let them explore colors that they have memorized or not. They are free to put their dragon any color and let their creativity develop from an early age.

3. Learn to Color with Details

Dragon is a fairy tale animal, so it has many forms. However, most people draw dragons with a lot of detail. For example, there is a dragon with wings, long hooves, and tails, and full of scales. Therefore, if children color using coloring pages with a dragon theme, children learn to color with details.

Dragon Coloring Pages

Children should pay attention to whether they have colored all parts of the dragon. However, if your child is still a toddler or preschooler, you can choose a simpler dragon drawing to make it easier for them to complete it.

4. Increase Boundary, Structure, and Spatial Awareness

When you start teaching children to color, they tend not to care about the lines. It is natural and advisable to let them do so until they are comfortable when coloring. Once children feel comfortable, they will notice these boundaries and try to color the picture without getting off track.

Dragon Coloring Pages

So, children will be more sensitive to boundaries if you get them used to learning to color. Moreover, using coloring pages with a dragon theme that has many lines and boundaries. This ability can be a provision for them when they start learning to write unlined notebooks. Coloring also helps children learn about lines, shapes, colors, perspectives, patterns, and shapes.

5. Getting to Know Mythological Animals

Dragons are mythological animals that usually appear in children’s fairy tales’ books. Therefore, no wonder the children are familiar with dragons. By letting them color using coloring pages with a dragon theme, they will learn about mythological animals.

Dragon Coloring Pages

You can also tell them what a mythological animal is while your child is coloring a dragon. Let your child be creative according to their imagination according to the dragon character, a fantasy animal for them.

Dragon Coloring Pages

These are 5 benefits of coloring using dragon coloring pages for children. Children can increase creativity, express themselves, learn to color in more detail, and increase boundary and spatial awareness. In addition, children can also get to know their favorite fictional character, the dragon.

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