1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets for Your Kids at Home

Math has always been a hard subject for students. The Washington Post even reported that 60% of the college community have failed this subject in university. To prevent this from happening, it is best to give some practice to your kids even from 1st grade. This will help them get used to math problems and face no problems in the future. A type of practice you can give to your kids is the 1st grade subtraction worksheets.

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In the 1st grade, kids will learn the very basics of math such as addition and subtraction. If they can understand the basics of math, then it will be easier for them to understand harder problems. Therefore, to help them out, give some worksheets that they can work on at school or home. To help you out, here are some 1st grade subtraction worksheets that you can try giving to your kids:

1. Worksheets with Cube Pictures

If your kids are just beginning on how to learn subtraction, then give them the cube picture worksheet. This kind of worksheet only contains around 10 very simple questions (all numbers are still below 10). To help your kids answer the problems, they can use the pictures given on the worksheet.

1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

For example, the question will be 6-2, where the answer is 4. To help kids find the answer, there will be 6 cubes in the box but 2 will be crossed out. By using this picture, kids can count the number of cubes that are not crossed out.

2. Ten Frame Subtraction

The Ten Frame Subtraction is also a great worksheet for kids that are just starting to learn how to subtract. There are 3 levels of questions in this worksheet that will help your kids from the basic to the advanced level. The basic worksheet includes some pictures to help the kids count. In the second level, there is no support, so they’ll have to count on their own. And in the last level, the problems are made a bit challenging.

1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

3. Learning Math by Coloring

A fun worksheet that will surely make your kids learn mathematics is learning math by coloring. Rather than just lists of the question, the author here made the learning process more fun by inserting a huge picture. Inside each picture, there will be numbers from 1-10. Kids must color each part of the picture based on the rules and answer the question.

1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

4. Number Line Subtraction

Another method that you can use to teach kids how to subtract is by using number lines. Rather than using pictures, in this method, kids can learn how to subtract using a line that consists of numbers from 1-10. So, if your kids have a hard time using pictures, then try to use this method.

1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

5. Two-Digit Subtraction

For those who have kids that are already advanced, then you can try the two-digit subtraction. Even though the questions consist of two-digit, it is still simple for 1st graders to work on. Each page focuses on one number only, therefore your kids can count them easily.

1st Grade Subtraction Worksheets

For those who want to get these 1st grade subtraction worksheets, you can download them from the internet. Most of them are available for free but there are also advanced sheets that you will need to pay for. Overall, all these worksheets are great practice for your kids at home or school.


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