5 Benefits of Using Dragon Coloring Pages for Children Growth and Development

Dragon Coloring Pages

According to studies, children now spend more than 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen. In fact, spending too much time in front of the screen does not make their brains develop optimally. One activity that has many benefits for their growth and development is coloring. For example, they can color using dragon coloring pages that interest them. …

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Using Truck Coloring Pages to Teach Kids How to Color

Truck Coloring Pages

Even though coloring is a fun activity, don’t expect everyone to like this activity, especially the boys. Around 200 studies have shown that 6.3% of girls in school get higher grades than boys because they study more. And this trend usually starts from when they are young. So, don’t get shocked if your boys don’t want to start learning, including …

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Leaf Coloring Pages and Why Children Should Do It

Leaf Coloring Pages

The nature school project will always be such fun for children but sometimes can be overwhelming too. So, it is important to prepare themselves as early as possible. There is one thing you can try by giving your children leaf coloring pages. Surely your children will love it. It may look simple, leaf shape on paper and put color on. …

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5 Advantages of Using Train Coloring Pages for Your Children

Train Coloring Pages

According to research, 81% of parents with children under the age of 11 have let their children watch YouTube. 34% of them let their children watch YouTube regularly. This is not a good thing because there are activities that are more beneficial for children, namely coloring. To make it more fun, you can provide train coloring pages for your child. …

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The Importance of Using Bird Coloring Pages for Your Children’s Development

Bird Coloring Pages

You can stimulate the growth of children in many ways; one way is through coloring activities. There are many benefits that children can get through coloring activities. You can also use bird coloring pages to make coloring more fun. Your children will know different types of birds, which makes them more excited when coloring. Then, they can also recognize field …

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Activities with Christmas Coloring Pages That Kids Can Do

Christmas Coloring Pages

Christmas is one of the most favorite holidays of the year. Every year around 526.000.000 kids around the world celebrate this moment with their families and loved ones. Now, there are many ways to celebrate this moment during the pandemic and one of them is by using Christmas coloring pages. When others celebrate this moment by partying, why not use …

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Teaching Children Coloring with Animal Coloring Pages, Easy to Do!

Animal Coloring Pages

According to studies, 80% of the brain receives information visually so the element of color is very important. In addition to teaching children to recognize colors, teach them to color simple things first, such as coloring animals. You can use animal coloring pages to make it easier for you to teach coloring activities to your children. However, there are 5 …

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Halloween Coloring Pages to Keep Your Children Busy

Halloween Coloring Pages

According to research conducted in the US, the activities most children do during Halloween are handing out candy (69%), followed by decorating the home (49%), and dressing in a costume (47%). However, during the pandemic, it is forbidden to take children trick or treating from house to house. You can substitute other activities, such as coloring using Halloween coloring pages. …

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Free Printable 1st Grade Math Worksheets and Its Benefits

Free Printable 1st Grade Math Worksheets

There are around 617 million children worldwide who do not achieve minimum proficiency in mathematics and reading according to the UNESCO Institute. Hence, parents and teachers need to equip their 1st grade children with math skills in a fun way. One way to improve children’s math skills in a fun way is to use free printable 1st grade math worksheets. …

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Tracing Numbers for Kindergarten is the Best Practice in Introducing Numbers

Tracing Numbers for Kindergarten

There are many ways in teaching your kids to know their numbers. From merely counting until tracing numbers for kindergarten. Some people might prefer only to introduce the number in its name only, but it is also important for the kids to know what shape those numbers are. Because in the first year of elementary, every student expected to know …

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